Journal of Raymond’s Experiences in the French Revolution

What happened in the French Revolution? Was it worth it? What was their goal? Did they achieve it? You may be wondering what French Revolution is. This sway (journal) introduces the main events of the French revolution and the experiences of the character Raymond, who was in the revolution faces.

Execution of 17,000 People: The French Revolution

This video is about the French Revolution in Plain English, it explains the main event of the French Revolution and how it changed France. Our collaboration was okay, we talked to each other when needed. Doing the independent job that we decided to do made our collaboration easier and better.

The Book You Should Read: Quiet Power

The book that you should read is called the Quiet Power by Susan Cain.
The message (theme) that author wants to tell is ‘It is not wrong to be quiet and introverts could also change anything including people’s mind, history, or the world, with their quiet personalities.’ For example, there was a girl on a sports team. She got elected to be the team leader because of her quiet personality- ability to listen and observe. And she actually improved teamwork and won more games.
Top 2 reasons to read this book!
1)You could know more about introverts and understand why people are quiet! You get to experience different types of people.
2)After reading this book, it can make some of you more confident! Also, you get to know how to get confident, and it relaxes your mind that being quiet isn’t wrong.
From this non-fiction unit, I learned different ways to take notes- only to take important notes that will help me understand.

The Boxer Rebellion

The boxers deserve a bad reputation (rap) because they killed and destroyed things including properties only for their own good. The boxers killed and damaged what they thought was bad. For example, they destroyed technology and cut railroads, attacked the foreigners over the church wall, and even dug underground. Also, the boxers killed the Chinese and foreigners that were related to Christians (or the ones that were Christians) because they thought the church caused huge problems. It includes threatening their religion- Buddism, by spreading Christianity to Chinese people, and drought. Lastly, according to the tour of history, it said that “British and foreigners wanted to kill boxers, but they had no idea who were the boxers, so they killed many innocent people and even their own people.” It proves that, because the boxers harmed them, foreigners wanted to kill them for revenge. If there were no boxers, then this tragedy wouldn’t have happened. This means that because the boxers harmed the foreigner properties for themselves to live a better life. They are the ones who made the British and foreigners have war. If the boxers didn’t attack them, then there wouldn’t have been victims.

(Small Info: For the drought- The boxers just attacked the church (foreigners) only because they thought drought was the church’s fault.)

One Sided Persistent Sunflower- Magazine

About the Author
About the Play

Appearance- Appealing Women (Explanation of Picture): The women show the beauty of Hermia, and she isn’t smiling because Hermia’s facial expressions are dark and sad because of her situation. Quote: “Your eyes are lode-stars, and your tongue’s sweet air” (Shakespeare 12).

Paragraph- The character, Hermia, is a one-sided persistent character like a sunflower.  She is a one-sided sunflower because a sunflower only sees one person and doesn’t change. Her thoughts and sayings to Lysander show how she still loves him even though her father forces her to marry Demetrius. For example, she thinks “If I refuse to wed Demetrius” (Shakespeare 8). This shows she still loves Lysander and will not marry Demetrius. Overall, Hermia only loves Lysander and wouldn’t change her mind like a sunflower.

Elements of Humanism


Features of Humanism

Beginning of the Humanism

Wisdom and Age

Long ago, the entire province was given orders to put all aged people to death. The story is about a governor, who was scared about health, created a cruel rule to put all aged people to death. And the farmer, who had an old mother carries her to the mountain and tries to find out ways to live with his mother. In the story, The Aged Mother, by Matsuo Basho, the author believes that age never judges if the person is wise or not. The farmer explained about his mom to the governor. After he thought of his words and meditated in silence, he finally said, “‘Shining needs more than strength of youth’” (Basho 2). It means that being successful with wisdom isn’t because of age or youth because the thing the governor needed, rope ashes was presented by the farmer’s mother, not the farmer. Mom is the one that made the rope ashes, so he notices that the farmer’s mom gave him success, so the governor thinks youth isn’t the best to shine. Further along in the story, the governor states the quote he thought: “‘With the crown of snow, there cometh wisdom’” (Basho 2) I think in this sentence, the ‘crown of snow’ means the white hair of his mom. It means, by the elder people, there cometh wisdom. This shows that not only young people are wise, but the older, which is the crown of snow, is also wise. Because they lived longer, they could have more wisdom as his mother did. Overall, no matter the age, anyone can be wise.

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The Sadness of Age (Found Poem)

The story, “The Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher, has an external conflict. The problem is between the dad and the son. The story is about the main character, wanting a goodnight kiss from his father. Every night, mom and dad gave him goodnight kisses, but one day, his dad doesn’t give him kisses. The words and his thinking in the poem show the conflict, and the images show what the setting is in the story and it shows the main concept of the story. The background color is represented as the night. The color and the texts show the dark image of the story, including the conflict.

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The Deadliest Diseases, The Black Death and The Spanish Flu



Legacies of Ancient China

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