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Precious Plastics- Plastic Bags #2

3 Thoughts:

My biggest success was the stripes on the plastic bag because it turned out pretty well.

One challenge was to find coloured bags to attach. There wasn’t many coloured bags.

This product is unsuccessful because I think it is not that organised. It means it doesn’t look organised like it isn’t ironed well.


Precious Plastic- Hard Plastic

3 Thoughts:

My biggest success was making a hole in the middle, and making the shape of letter ‘D’.

One challenge I overcome is making a hole in the middle of the letter ‘D’. First, I didn’t know what to do, but then I thought of an idea. I used the drill to make holes on the outline of the middle part and take the middle part out.

Overall, this product is quite successful because the shape came out well, like I wanted it to be.


Precious Plastic- Plastic Bag

3 Thoughts:

My biggest success was ironing the photo on the plastic bag. I didn’t know that it will work, but I tried it, and it worked, so I think it was the biggest success of this plastic bag.

One thing I’ll change is that I will add more decoration to make it more interesting! It could look boring to some people if I don’t add a lot of stuffs.

Overall, I think this product is successful because it looks more creative than the last product I made.

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