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This is my Cuban Revolution Journal written in the first person as a guy named Jorge.  There are 3 key events in my journal. Jorge comes from a humble background where his family is part of the labor force that works for sugar plantations and is around 30 at the end of the journal. He struggles with the fact that he can’t see his family because he joined the M-26-7 for 7 years and after the revolution is over, he finally gets to reunite with them.

Cuban Revolution in Plain English


Our assignment is to make a video explaining what we learned and summarize the Cuban Revolution into a 5-minute video. I was in a group with Isabella Rasmussen. We narrated our video from the perspective of Che and Castro (the two revolutionary leaders).  And summarized a few main events and put them all together in this video. We worked together very well and had good collaboration so we deserve a mastering on that. Also, we put lots of sweat into this video so you better watch the whole thing.






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“Unpunished Murder”-Lawrence Goldstone {REVIEW BY DANIELLE}

“Unpunished Murder” by Lawrence Goldstone discusses the issues and struggles of African-Americans before and after the Reconstruction. The racism and injustice they face and how they fight for their rights are all included in this book. . The majority of the book is the build-up to the main event (the Colfax massacre) and how there were many obstacles the people who were fighting for freedom had to overcome just to establish a simple law to treat black people as equals and even more obstacles to enforce these laws.  The theme of this book is that everyone should be treated equally and not have to go through so much just for a simple right they are born with.  (WARNING: This book contains lots of American politics, government, and things related to the South and North political parties) 

I give this book a 2/5 (personal opinion) stars simply because I do not enjoy long informational books that are slow-paced and I found that this book was quite repetitive, however, I think it is good to be educated about these major historical events so if you like to read about politics and history, this is your book.

Do the Boxer’s Deserve a Bad Rap?


Do The Boxers Deserve A Bad Rap?

No, the Boxers did not deserve a bad rap because they were only protecting what was theirs.  The foreigners were trying to “make the Chinese a better people by converting them.”  (-Walter Lefeber) In addition to that, they also “exemplified an American lifestyle” which obviously the Chinese didn’t like. Although they expressed their values through violence , they were only doing it to drive the forgeiners out of their own land. The Chinese had already taken a big hit after the opium traders, when they found out that the westerners were interfering in local land and the water disputes, they were naturally unhappy about it.  Furthermore, the foreigners were undermining the Chinese traditions and beliefs like Buhdism and Confucianism. They were protecting what was theirs, and westerners went too far trying to spread their religion and forcing trade to open up in China. The Americans saw a money-making opportunity (that was in someone else’s territory) and tried to spread their lifestyle and products into China in attempts of opening up trade to benefit themselves. The Boxer’s simply tried to fight them off (they failed) and take back the control foriegners had in China.  The Boxers were only protecting their own land.

Royal Daily -A Magazine Cover for Midsummer Night’s Dream

I named my magazine cover the “Royal Daily” to point out the people in this magazine are royals. The actress I chose to represent Hermia is Anne Hathaway. I put quotes that I thought would be compelling to the reader and also showed how the other characters in the play thought about the others.



Check out these links to find out more about a midsummer night’s dream and the author.



Drama around the school

Michelle, Rebecca, and Danielle

Theme Summative – The Aged Mother

Danielle 8-6

“The Aged Mother”

Can love really change a despotic leader? In this story, a poor farmer is ordered to abandon his old mother on a mountain due to a new law made by the governor, however, he is touched by his mother’s act of unselfish love and decides that he cannot abandon her.
In the story “The Aged Mother”, by Matsuo Basho, the author believes that love and wisdom can inspire change in others. Seeing that the son does not know which mountain paths are dangerous, the mother snapped twigs off of trees with her “shriveled hands all scratched and soiled by their work of love” (Basho, 2) and dropping them along the way to assure that he would not get lost on the way down. She says, “‘The mountain road is full of dangers. LOOK carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. They will guide you to the familiar path further down’”. (Basho, 2) This shows his mother’s unselfish love for her son because although she is weak and about to be abandoned, she is still thoughtful of her son and would rather sacrifice her own comfort for her son’s safety. Heartbroken by this act of kindness, the farmer carries his mother back home, into hiding. Then, as the story progresses, the repressive governor (as a boast of power) sent forth an unreasonable request, demanding that his subjects present him with a rope of ashes. In great distress, the son told his hidden mother the news. However, the wise mother found a way to make a rope of ashes. Surprised by this, the governor demanded to know how the farmer made it. When the governor found out about the farmer’s story, he immediately abolishes the law, saying, “Ah…with the crown of snow, there cometh wisdom!” (Basho, 2).

Found Poem

This is the found poem I made with The Last Kiss by Ralph Fletcher. Basically, this story is told from a first-person perspective by the protagonist, and “my” dad suddenly stopped giving “me” good night kisses and “I” realize that “I’m” too old to be kissed by “my” father (yes very sad). The external conflict in this story is the author trying to figure out if his dad forgot to kiss him, or did his dad just not want to kiss him. In paragraph 13, “The thought my mind held was too large to formulate into a question, too vague to clearly recognize as loss.” This shows that this story’s conflict is Man vs. Society because I guess the author’s father thinks that when his son reaches a certain age, it’s not “masculine” to get kisses or something. I’m not sure but I definitely think society influenced his father’s decision.

I chose a black background for my poem because I feel like that’s how I would envision feeling sad and realizing that you’re growing old looks like. In my poem , you can see there is a conflict in “I was stunned” and also in “The grim truth sunk in.”. This poem shows the concept of how the author is in shock and almost like he’s in disbelief when he finds out that his father won’t give him night kisses anymore.

The Black Death vs. SARS 2003

My Design Challenge

I had to design my partner (Owen Chen) a product that would ensure that his favorite foods not get ruined. For example, he loves mango. But sometimes, mangoes are not ripe enough, so I sketched out a design that would help him solve that problem. For my project this time, I had to design a prototype for Owen’s problem of hamburgers falling onto the floor.

I could have made a boring plate, but I decided to make something less dull. Anti-gravity gloves. Although this technology is not yet invented at the present time, I was still positive that they would be in a few years.  My sketch was quite simple, a pair of gloves with a button at the bottom to activate the anti-gravity-ness. In my process of making my prototype, I realized that I did not have the ability to create my own gloves in light of the fact that I didn’t have the right materials. Now, this was a big problem because my whole invention was a pair of gloves. Therefore, I ended up using gardening gloves. Admittedly, this may not have been the best solution, but given the circumstances amid the virus outbreak, it was the best solution I had.  I tried my best to make my gloves look nicer, but nothing worked. I ended up using hot glue on the tips of the gloves and on the bottom to create what looked like a button. For the most part, I tried my best to make my prototype as close to the sketch as possible.

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