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The Dangerous Chinese Cultural revolution

The Chinese revolution is arguable the most controversial revolution of all because of the violent state. Millions of people had lost their lives in this revolution, the question is, was the revolution worth it? I believe that this revolution was the last act for mao to be remembered as one of the world’s greatest communist leaders, This theory can solidify my claim because, in this revolution, Mao had built a cult of personality around him. If you want to learn more about the revolution please watch our video below. Enjoy.

“I Am Malala” – A Book That You Must Read

“I Am Malala”, is a nonfiction biography written by the Nobel Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai. This book tells us about how the Taliban, a group with spheres of influence over Pakistan, wants to shut down girl schools because the Taliban believe that girls shouldn’t go to school. After knowing about this issue, Malala decides to start protesting for Women’s rights for education because she thinks that girls should be educated. When The Taliban saw her protesting, they decide to shoot Malala in order to stop the protests. One theme of this book is about Women’s rights for education in Pakistan.

One reason why I strongly recommend reading this book is because it is a very inspiring book. After finish reading this book, this book made me feel very grateful for the education I receive. Unlike Malala, I didn’t have to fight for my own education. This book also has some very sad ideas that can be connected with school shooting incidents in America. For instance,(Parkland School Shooting & Roseburg School Shooting)

One of the skills I learned from this unit and I thought was important is rereading important details from texts. I think this is a very important skill because it can help me capture new ideas about the plot of the book.

Circuits, e-Textiles, and Code, Oh My: Unit 2: Sewable Electronics Blog Post

  1. I have created an electronic bookmark that can light upon command. I added a frying pan to my design because I like a game called PUBG and the symbol of PUBG was a pan so I decided to add a pan as my design.
  2. I choose to make this project because I enjoy the game PUBG so I decided that I would make something I enjoy and like.
  3. I originally had 3 designs, one with the symbol of the sun, one with a symbol of a character called vigil, and last but not least a symbol of PUBG. when I finished planing I realized that the vigil symbol was way too hard and complex and the sun symbol didn’t look visually appealing so I decided to work on the PUBG pan, which was a cool and unique design.
  4. My 3 designs, (vigil symbol at design 1 PUBG pan at design2 Sun symbol at design)
  5. My prototype of the PUBG pan

6. My Design laid all out ready to stitch

7. My project finished

8. I have done some regular sewing but I have never done sewing with conductive thread. Sewing with conductive thread for me was a fun experience.

9. One thing that got me overwhelmed was the fact that I needed a lot of conductive thread because what I thought was enough was actually not enough so midway through the sewing, I could sew anymore because I had too less thread. To overcome this issue I realize that I should take a lot more even when I think it will be enough.

10. I would tell the students next semester to try to speed up with the paper circuits so that they can have more time with sewing projects.

11. I would want to learn how to code the lights because it seems very cool.


The Boxers Do Not Deserve a Bad Rap

Do the Boxers deserve a bad rap? I strongly disagree that the Boxers deserve a bad rap because they were fighting for their own country, which is an act of patriotism. Although the methods of the Boxers are doubted, they still deserve recognition for their accomplishments of trying to remove foreign spheres of influences in China. First of all, the idea of the Boxers is noble and respectable, “Support the Qing, destroy the foreigners.” This is very noble because the Boxers are trying to stop the spheres of influence from imperial countries which is ruling over China. However, the method that the Boxers used to protest against the foreign powers involves the brutal murder of high-ranking officials. “Clemens von Ketteler was killed while traveling from Legation Quarter to a meeting at Zongli Yamen.” (The Hutong Education) The Boxers also brutally murdered a lot of Christians because they thought that the Christians caused droughts, which affected the farming economy in china. “The missionaries were stoned, and the children were torn to pieces.” (Hua-Cheng Kwei) Some people might think that Boxers deserve a bad rap because they were very violent and were overdramatic and unreasonable. However, what many people don’t understand is that the Boxers were just ordinary people fighting for their country against the overbearing imperial powers. In summary, the Boxers do not deserve a bad rap, although their methodology of removing foreign spheres of influence is flawed and questioned, they will be remembered in history as people that have attempted to remove foreign spheres of influences.

MSND Magazine

How did the word sinister associated with left handed people

Why do people get MAD all the time


Renaissance Humanism

The aged mother

The famous Japanese story, The Aged Mother is a story about a long time ago, where there was a  cruel, coldhearted leader that made all old people banished and exiled to a mountain. So in the story, The aged mother’s son brought her up to the mountain but when the mother shows him how much she loves him and cares for him, the son decides to bring her down from the mountain. As you can see, we can clearly identify that the theme is about mother’s Love. The big idea for this story is for the author to reflect on how a mother’s love is so powerful it can change an event.

In the story, The Aged Mother, by Matsuo Basho the author, believes that the mother’s love can be very impactful. For example in paragraph 5, the mother says: “The mountain road is full of dangers. Look carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. They will guide you to the familiar path farther down.” As you can see, the mother placed leaves during the hike, so the son can get down the mountain safely. This action caused the son to bring her back down to the house. Which is clear evidence about how a mother’s love can change an event. Another example of how the mother’s love can be very impactful is when the emperor orders the people to make a rope of ashes. The son faces this problem but then the mother said: “Make rope of twisted straw, then stretch it upon a row of flat stones and burn it on a windless night.” As you can see, the mother loves her son so she decides to help him.

Short introduction of the author Matsuo Basho

A short summary of the story




He could have ran, but he didn’t want to be mistrusted…

This found poem came from a short story called: “Thank You Ma’m”. Parts of this found poem can be found in paragraphs 33 to 36. The internal conflict of this found poem is where the boy has a chance to leave the house, but because Mrs. Jones trusted him, he did not leave. Evidence for this claim is in paragraph 36:” Mrs jones got up behind the screens. The woman did not watch the boy nor the purse. ( As you can see Mrs. Jones trusted him to not steal and not run away) But the boy took care to sit on the far side of the room where he thought she could easily see him in the corner of her eye if she wanted to. He did not trust the woman not to trust him. And he did not want to be mistrusted.” My poem shows the concept of how the boy could have run away or he could have stayed so and be trusted.

Link to Thank You Ma’m

Link to the author

When will the corona virus end

By: Daniel Poon


(Disclaimer, the following content may not be true, please only read this as a reference.)


“When will the coronavirus end”, this question has been asked many times. Some experts suggest it may naturally disappear like the SARS, another group of experts believes the virus will last for 12 to 18 months until we discover vaccines, a third group of experts thinks that the coronavirus wouldn’t end until we develop herd immunity. In this blog, we will be digging into the theories to see which one is most likely correct.

The first theory is about COVID- 19 can naturally disappear like the SARS. The first evidence rebutting this theory that there is currently no decline in the total cases around the world for example in America the virus is not stopping. The deaths and confirmed cases continue to grow. Other places like brazil are also having a lot of deaths and confirmed cases  Some people might argue that china has stopped the virus from spreading, I agree with them however if the rest of the world isn’t doing so great, it doesn’t prove much. The second evidence is the fact that SARS died out in the summer and right now, the season is summer, and the coronavirus is still spreading. This theory has now been proven incorrect, and now let’s move on to the second theory.

As you can see the photos are from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) the first photo is in the united states and the second one is in Brazil, they both show no decline in the cases


The second theory suggests that the virus would at least last for 12 to 18 months until a vaccine develops. The Washington Post, a reliable news source ask scientist Peter Hotez why vaccines take a long time to develop, he tells us that vaccines and not profitable and funding for the vaccine would be difficult, he also suggested that even if the doctor has the funding, and the coronavirus ends then a lot of the vaccines will become stockpiled and wasted. He also says that some vaccines might backfire on the patient due to the virus’s DNA strand constantly mutating. For example, in the 1960s there was a respiratory syncytial virus aka (RSV). It was a virus that only infants could be infected with. When the scientist developed a working vaccine, the virus mutated which cause the vaccine to make the illness worse and cause 2 children to die. He also states that the coronavirus might end up like the flu where you have to take shots every year. Even though engineering a vaccine would be difficult, it certainly can stop the coronavirus. This theory could be considered correct and can be one of the possibilities of how the coronavirus might end.

Link to the Washington Post article


The third theory says that the coronavirus might never end just like the infectious disease measles. The only way where our lives can return to normal is through herd immunity or vaccine development. Vaccine development issues were talked about in the second theory, so I am going to move on and talk about the problem with herd immunity. As scientist Suman Bhattacharjee, a man who majored in epidemiology and is the founder and head of Shomu’s Biology education states that there are 2 methods to herd immunity, the first method requires a long time to develop. Because it is required that at least 80% of the entire population to be infected with the disease and getting cured naturally without vaccines, once you get cured naturally, your body will start knowing how to counter the virus. This method may need to be repeated more than twice, during this prosses, less than 10% of the population will die. This method to achieve herd immunity is grueling but viable and will not be considered as an option to stop the coronavirus. Another way to create herd immunity is by mass-producing a vaccine and giving it to 80% of the population. By giving the vaccine to at least 80% of the world. The 20% will automatically be immune to the coronavirus. An example I made so that you would have a better understanding would be, if 100 people were living in your community, and 80 of them were vaccinated then the 20 people are not vaccinated. The non-vaccinated people are going to be protected by those who are vaccinated because the vaccinated people far outweigh the non-vaccinated people in numbers.

Suman Bhattacharjee’s education site


Now that I summarize the 3 theories. I predict that the second theory is the key to stopping the coronavirus because it takes the least time to solve the coronavirus, I also think that the second theory made a lot of sense and provides a lot of information with reasoning.

Layers of earth

AS you can see the first layer is the crust, the crust is around 50 km and the ratio of the km to cm is 260km to 1cm using the ratio, we can find out that the crust is approximately 0.19 cm moving on the lithosphere is 140km away from the crust and again, using the ratio we know that the lithosphere is about 0.53cm long.  The mantle is around 2900km away from the crust so using the ratio the mantle is 11.1cm, up next we have the outer core, the outer core is 5100km away from the crust using the ratio, the outer core is 19cm away from the crust. The last layer is called the inner core, it is 6371km away from the crust.

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