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Product design (reflection)

1. Skills that I’ve developed and gained during the making process was actually learning how to design and create unique inventions as well as taking my thinking skills and techniques to another level(if that made sense).
2. One piece of advice that I would give to a future student while making this type of project is never to be hesitant to seek and explore new ideas because I personally assume that is the only way for us to develop.
3. If I remade my whole invention, I would change all the designs and include more details, I would try other different things in order to make my invention more intricate, I could combine other mediums together as well while creating the design instead of only cardboard.
4. Overall I don’t think I’ve achieved much in this invention because I know that there could be substantially more improvements and advancements while designing, I also didn’t seek for new things this time, therefore, I don’t think my project is good enough, however, I would try my best to make a more satisfying invention.

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  1. Thanks Daniel. Your prototype is so cool! You did a nice job answering the prompts, too. I appreciated how you explained some of your answers. Meeting.

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