In the story “The last kiss” by ralph fletcher where it is about an eight-year-old child who has been blessed with before bed kisses and hugs until one day when the protagonist’s parents stopped suddenly, developing an external conflict between. For example, in the story which stated that the protagonists have tried several times asking for kisses instead, the antagonist only replied with a smile saying “good night” as well as in my found poem. I circled in my poem was “my father, glanced up, knew I was there, trying to be patient. Last, giving me a half-smile” indicating that the antagonist could’ve given a kiss instead, he replaced it with a half-smile, I know this is an external as it is clearly a conflict on the outside between the protagonist and antagonist the instead of him struggling inside his own mind. The graphic design that I put in my poem was an icon of a kiss as I consider it to be the best to represent the theme.

External Conflict