“The ages mother” CERER essay
There are always complaints that elders are slow and unwise, however, it is untenable as people often get smarter and smarter as they age as well as they possess life experiences that youngsters don’t have. Elders are more certain to have the purpose of giving out wisdom and advice that assists them through barriers.
The main idea in the story was about a cruel leader giving orders that elders were sent to a mountain called Obatsumaya which was also known as the “abandoning of the ages” and was left to die. The only exception left was a mother and son, loving each other and with the accompaniment, the mother eventually figured out the way of surviving the disaster.
The big idea that presented through the story was that elders/ parents are contributive and selfless in some situations and should always be loved regardless of what.
In the story” The aged mother” by Matsuo Basho where the author believes that elders often have the purpose of providing wisdom and advice for youngsters to bypass a barrier instead of deemed uncontributive. An example that expresses the theme was “Her son did not know the paths in the mountain and his return might be dangerous, so she stretched forth her hand and snapping the twigs from brushes as they passed. She quietly dropped a handful twigs for every few steps on the way as they climbed, the narrow path behind them was dotted with frequent intervals with tiny piles of twigs.”(line 28-31 Matsuo)This was the moment where her son was struggling about the mountain’s paths as it would be perilous if a wrong option had been made. Therefore, it was stated in the following that her elderly mother was willing to explore ahead of him through the narrow path. As the story continues, the mother further gives out instructions for her son guiding through obstacles. Another example was “Let not thine eyes be blinded, my son.” She said. “The mountain road is full of dangers. LOOK carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. They will guide you to the familiar path farther down.” (Line 37-40 Matsuo)
During this part of the story where her mother kindly gave out wisdom and advice while guided his son through the mountain road as well as teaching him abilities and tricks which he could use when he confronts another mountainous area.
In Conclusion, although there are often complains about elders however, they can sometimes be wiser than any youngsters and these advices given by them was accumulated in the long course of their lives.