Despite the boxers having defended china, preventing the spreading influence of Christianity to be part of the country, they were still unjustified to commence the boxer rebellion. The actions they did during the war were substantially wrong against moral standards in society.
First off, As natural disasters such as drought and flooding struck China that has impacted society. According to Jeremiah, the tour guide stated that “The Boxers were angry and blamed the churches for causing droughts in Shandong where they burned churches, hunted and slaughtered Christian missionaries wherever they went.” This shows the hate the boxers had against Christianity, and the action they took was morally unreasonable. Moreover, it was mentioned that “They destroyed the railway and telegraph lines,” which created many communication barriers for the messaging outside of china, leading to the construction of post offices set up and maintained by foreigners in the 1900th.
According to Jeremiah, there were also records of “Boxers planting bombs under and blowing up partials of the french legation wall,” as they desired to disrupt their society, which made the french no choice but to retreat and refuge to the British legation. Belgian legation was later plundered and set on fire resulting in deaths; these pieces of evidence have clearly shown their cruel instincts against Christianity and left no mercy whoever they’ve confronted. As a consequence of the war that the boxers have set off, Beijing and Tianjin were pillaged and burned. as a result, the cause of the brutal killings by boxers reflects why they should very deserve a bad reputation.