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Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary – A Book That You Should Never Miss Out On



Fatal Fever: Tracking Down Typhoid Mary is a book by Gail Jarrow. It is based on a true story that took place in the united states during 1904, The typhoid Fever. This resulted in huge casualties and people were uncertain about the disease, they didn’t know where it came from and how it started leaving them terrified while sank in confusion. Until a germ detector stood out and was ready to finally put an end to this entire situation. The theme of this book is that the author constantly tells us to be aware of self sanitation as the more we are careful of the less probability we will be exposed to diseases just like the typhoid outbreak.

One reason why this book would be a good choice is that 1)it conveys about the idea of sanitation and diseases which are still huge concerns nowadays, you may also realise this is very similar to the COVID-19 situation we’re experiencing today. 2)This book also inspires individuals showing people who has the courage and sacrifices themselves in fighting the disease. I believe this particular event may have inspired other doctors in society.

One thing that I have learnt throughout this unit is to explore and identifying central idea, theme and issues when reading a book while before I didn’t assume it was going to be so complicated.


  1. I liked that you used strong evidence from the book to support your theme, and you speak clearly into the camera.

  2. You clearly stated the theme and connected your book to the corona which I think was very smart. After watching your book review, I found out enough about the book to make me want to read it but not enough so that it spoils the book. Overall, I think you did a great job.

  3. I like how you connected to modern covid situation to your evidence, it makes me want to read about this book.

  4. clarence.chan01

    January 22, 2021 at 9:29 am

    Your theme is good, but do you have any direct evidence? page number? Your speaking skill was fine, but trying keeping eye contact.

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