French Revolution- Nathan’s Journal

This is a journal about my character, Nathan, suffering the pains during the French Revolution.  This journal elaborates my character’s fealing and emotions towards all the circumstances that happened in the French revolution. In addition, describing how hard and unequal was the society.

The French Revolution was a-head of it’s Time

My teammates and I studied about the French Revolution and had made a video about it. This video includes multiple main events that are happening during the French Revolution.  It showed the peasants rebelling against the power of the King. It showed the different classes of people during that time and making the French get rid of the monarchy’s system.

As our group collaborated well during the video making, we had some difficulties, especially with me. It was my first time using the video editing website “Powtoon.” From my perspective, even though it was my first time, it was very successful. We as a group gave each other feedback not only on the video as general but on the specific details in the recording part. We spent a lot of effort on finishing the video successfully. We hope this video could bring people pieces of information about the French Revolution; enjoy!

Will you take “the 57 Bus”- an awesome book that teaches you a lesson

The book “The 57 Bus” by Dashka Slater is about gender discrimination and gender inequality. The theme here is people should respect and treat LGBTQ individuals fairly. The main characters were Sasha and Richard. One day, because Sasha was wearing a skirt, Richard burned him. It was discrimination. Fortunately, Richard was sentenced, and people started to understand and help Sasha. Few days after the incident 150 supporters marched along the route of the 57 bus, saying “Accept Everyone.” Not only protests happened, but people also started to donate to Sasha. Sasha received a lot of gifts from individuals in a different country. Furthermore, Sasha’s uncle raised more than 36,000 dollars by donation. Throughout the incidents, it was an opportunity for people to remind themselves that LGBTQ people like Sasha have a certain gender. However, they are not different from us, so we should treat them without prejudice. The reason that you should read this book is that it worths reading it since it tells lots of lessons to you. It is an interesting book that explains gender discrimination and sexism. Sometimes, it might be surprising to you by a character’s action. One of the things that I learned in this unit is note-taking skills. I learned multiple techniques to take good notes of the book and rereading skills. By these techniques, it helped me to understand the book.

Smell detector Design

In design, I made a prototype of a smell detector. I had an idea of designing a watch that is a smell detector. I got the idea of making a watch from an Apple watch.

Firstly, there is an on/off button. You turn on the screen and the sensor by this button. On top of the on/off button is the screen for showing the object type. Next to it is a camera holder hole. The wooden stick is the holder, and you put the stick in the hole. Moreover, there is a camera on the backside with a camera protector. The purpose of the camera is that some objects might not be identified by the smell, so a person could take a picture. Then it will also show the object on the screen. There is also a battery case next to the camera. The band of this detector is about 15cm long. At last, the most important thing which is the sensor of the detector. It is located on the side of the detector. It inhale the smell of an object, and the object shows on the screen. That’s my smell detector!

Do Boxers deserve a bad reputation?

Boxers were formed in the late 1800s in Shandong Province. A rebellion of Boxers and foreigners occurred in China. After having boxers, China had suffered disadvantages. Boxers took ruthless actions against foreign nations, making the relationship between China and foreign countries worse. Therefore, they do deserve a bad reputation.

According to the video “Sound smart,” “Boxers killed not only foreigners but also Chinse who helped foreigners. The Boxers’ violence made China pay 330 million respiration bills and forbade China in importing firearms into the nation.” Boxers killed more than 230 foreigners, including women, men, and even children in China. Thousands of Chinse Christians were also murdered by them. On the other hand, when a drought happened in Shandong Province, China had faced hardship. At the same time, foreign missionaries came to China. They started to blame churches and gods since the steeples on the church were poking the sky. In addition, Boxers thought God was punishing them since foreign missionaries came to China.
At last, they burned down the Catholic Church in Beijing. Besides the church’s steeples poking the sky, they thought Christianity was ruining their Buddhism belief, which they thought was the best religion. Not only were churches eliminated, but Boxers also attacked legations and missionaries. For instance, on July 13th, Boxers started to attack French Legation. They dug a hole and made the wall that surrounded the legation collapse. People in the Legation and foreigners were afraid, so they headed their way to British Legations or churches. They started to kill any general people for no reason. Other things that the boxers do to foreigners was that they cut down railways and telegraphs. These steps made foreigners troublesome to communicate and to travel from one to another. By cutting the railway, eight nations were not able to help foreigners in Beijing. Then, they had away, which was going under the Watergate. Watergate in Beijing was an aversion. It made foreigners upset.

These were what Boxers did to foreigners but also Chinese. They had the harm of losing a tremendous amount of money because of Boxer’s brutal action. They paid 330 million respiration bills, which was a vast amount of money at that time. It was about one year of the GDP of China. They lost 1000 Chinese people, which was another drawback. More and Over, the relationship between foreign countries got worse. Eventually, Boxers and foreign governments had a war. Foreign countries defeated the boxers. If there were no boxers formed, these obstacles to China would never happen. They brutally killed numerous humans. They lost money but people and connections with foreign countries.

The relationship between Boxers and foreign countries was like the connection between Korea and Japan. The association between Korea and Japan was also severe; they had a war. Boxers unnecessarily killed Chinese and foreigners but also cut resources down. Boxers were vicious; thus, they do deserve a bad reputation.

About Boxers

Video for Boxers

Lightbox Design

During product design, I designed a lightbox with a place. I made a lightbox of a New Zealand Sea. I went to New Zealand 2 years ago. I went to New Zealand, and the Sea surprised me a lot. IT was fabulous, the seal was just sitting on a rock, and a fishing boat was going out to the sea. My family and I were supposed to travel to New Zealand this year, but we couldn’t go there because of the serious pandemic. Therefore, I decided to make a lightbox about the New Zealand sea with the ship and a seal on a rock.

In making the lightbox, my biggest obstacle, and the most interesting thing to do was using Adobe Illustrator. It was my first time using this application to make my lightbox. I learned a lot, too.  I learned about making specific dimension shapes, combining two shapes, making round the corners, and expanding/ tracing a picture.

My biggest success is that the LED part. It was hard for me to do the LEDs to what I wanted to be. I failed to make it perfect a lot of times, but at last, I finally succeeded. I glued some spacers on my layers’ backside, and I bind the LED line around the spacers.  So that when someone looks at my lightbox, they will see no LED lines, only a boat, a seal on a rock, and the sea. It was satisfying to me.

A one-piece that I would give to future students who will make a lightbox is that when we are painting with different colors in one layer, we should definitely use masking tape. When I was painting, masking tape helped me alto. It made me color the layers more accurately and smoothly. It will help people paint a lot.

Overall, I say my lightbox was a success; it looked mostly how I planned it before. Even though there are some parts, it was new and difficult for me, but I overcame these challenges. I am proud of myself.

Lysander MSND

Caring by David Nam
Lysander is one of the main characters in Midsummer night’s dream. A midsummer night’s dream is about Lysander, who wants to marry his lover Hermia, but her dad Egeus keeps forcing her to marry Demetrius. Back at the time, it was hard to have a marriage with a men’s daughter when the men don’t permit a man to marry his daughter. However, Hermia decides to take her risk and run away with Lysander.

In this play, Lysander is a caring and persuasive gentleman. I gave the title “Caring” because of the perspective of Lysander. On the other hand, I chose an image of David Beckham with a Tuxedo because, in lines 52 to 53, Hermia mentions that not only is Demetrius a gentleman but also Lysander. The second reason that I chose David Backham is that David is also a caring person. He minds a lot about Africans who are suffering from poverty and poorness. David helps them by donating to charities. It relates to Lysander since he is also a caring person. In lines 128 to 129, Lysander asks Hermia why her cheek is so pale. He worries about Hermia; this meant that he worries for her. Furthermore, Lysander is also a persuasive man. Inline 100-101, it says about Lysander’s love for Hermia is more than Demetrius. He is persuading Egeus that he loves Egeus’s daughter Hermia so much.

About Lysander

Original MSND Script 

Rikki Tikki Tavi by Rudyard Kipling

Rikki Tikki Tavi CERERER

Do you think bravery is essential? Courage is vital since it takes a lot of worries to stand up to our enemies.  It allows people to face their fears. In Rikki Tikki Tavi by Rudyard Kipling, a flood occurred and washed Rikki- Tikki-Tavy, a mongoose, from his burrow, then he met the teddy’s family. Teddy’s family adopted him, and he met those birds in the garden but also cobras. Rikki is afraid of those cobras because of their size. However, since cobras Nag and Nagaina wants to attack Teddy’s family and the bird Darzee, he bravely starts to kill those massive cobras. First, he killed Nag, then those unhatched eggs. Finally, he killed Nagaina; furthermore, he brought peace to teddy’s family and the garden.


In the story, Rikki Tikki Tavi by Rudyard Kipling, the author believes that braveness is something that a person could overwhelm their fears and bring peace by winning the opponent with courage. In teddy’s house, Rikki found Nag sleeping. He was afraid. He knew he should kill him to make sure Teddy’s family is harmless: “Rikki-Tikki held on with his eyes shut, for now, he was quite sure he was dead. But the head did not move, and the big man picked him up and said, ‘It’s the mongoose again, Alice. The little chap has saved our lives now'” (Kipling 5). Even though, when he saw the thick and massive tail of Nag, he did not give up. It was his first time for a young mongoose to kill a cobra; Nag’s size made him more frightened. If Rikki didn’t kill the cobra, Teddy’s family would hurt. Eventually, he bravely and slowly went up, then killed Nag. Further along in the story, for a complete peace to the garden and Teddy’s family, he again bravely went to crack the cobra’s eggs and kill Nagaina: “He could see the baby cobras curled up inside the skin, and he knew that the minute they were hatched, they could each kill a man or a mongoose. He bit off the tops of the eggs as fast as he could” (Kipling 6). Here, since if those unhatched snake eggs hatch, there will be more snakes for Rikki- Tavi to kill later. Besides, it is much more hazardous for Teddy’s. Entering the cobra’s nest is an incredibly courageous action, and Ricky risks his life to break all those eggs. Afterward, Rikki went to kill the enormous Nagaina: “He held on savagely and stuck out his feet to act as brakes on the dark slope of the hot, moist earth. Then the grass by the mouth of the hole stopped waving, and Darzee said, ‘It is all over with Rikki-Tikki! We must sing his death song. Valiant Rikki-Tikki is dead! Nagaina will surely kill him underground’’’(Kipling 8-9). He went to fight with the enormous and imitating cobra Nagaina. Overall, He could have just ceded beating up the large cobra, but his bravery made him face the fear. In addition, the cobras had a spectacle- mark on his back that made a mongoose afraid. However, he finally killed both of the cobras.

In conclusion, braveness could make someone face and overcome their fears. In the book “Rikki Tikki Tavi” by Rudyard Kipling, Rikki had met his fear by killing those enormous cobras. By this action, it brought Teddy’s family as well as the garden peace. Many people feel fear when they met something that they afraid of, so how about being confident and confronting those fears?


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The last Kiss Found Poem

I found a poem in the story ” The Last Kiss,” written by Ralph Fletcher. The story is about the main character and his family. In the story, the main character has a conflict with his father. His father and his mother kissed him for goodnight when he was young. He always thought that kisses are like a potent medicine. One day, the main character went to his mother and his father for a goodnight kiss as usual. He got it from his mother and went to find his father. However, his father did not give him a goodnight kiss. In paragraph 8, it says: “Well, good night then,” he said, giving me a kind of half-smile, a half sigh that was peculiar to him. Furthermore, this was the time when the father became an antagonist. The main character was surprised, and he wanted to try again. The next day he tried again; his father again said good night, not a kiss. At last, the main character recognizes that he is too old to have kisses from their parents. I think the external conflict in this story is man versus man. For instance, in paragraph 8, it mentions:” I was stunned.” The main character says that he was shocked that his father didn’t give him a goodnight kiss. He has a conflict between his father. On the other hand, his mom kissed him for goodnight, but his father did not. I choose to draw a broken heart and a kiss for the design since the story is about the last kiss from his father. In addition, I decided to cover the page with black to explain the main character’s feelings.

Original “The Last Kiss”

Ralph Fletcher Twitter

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