A Cuban Revolution Journal of a Rebel Supporter

This is my historical fiction journal during the Cuban revolution. Through the important events such as the M-26-7, and the war against Batista, unravels the cause and effect, the changes and continuity of the revolution, however, the journal ends right after the revolution, would the government change after the dictator flees?  What does the character think,  is it revolution worth it? The questions should be answered through the journal.

Comments of Classmates for Revolution Video

Yes, I agree with your theme as I also found that there is always a new dictator that will take over in the French revolution. Once King louis XVI died, napoleon became the new emperor. Also, nice use of the cut outs and the little stick people.


The history of the Cuban Revolution was described well but you might want to increase the quality of your video images. But overall great job!


I like your video because it shows great battle layout despite how josh’s voice was a bit unclear, on your part it was much better showing clarity. Though, because it was a stop motion it was very choppy at times cause the transitions weren’t that smooth. I like the video overall.


The Cuban Revolution in Plain English

The Cuban Revolution in Plain English

By Emily and Josh

Our video about the Cuban revolution unravels the hidden truth of the mythological revolution under the colorful and bright surface and gives the audience a general idea of the Cuban revolution through some key events such as the attack of the Moncada Barracks and more.  Who was the Dictator Batista? Who gained control of the power after when he fled? Did anything changed after the revolution? These are some questions that we will discover through the video. Learning the revolutions, I have noticed that people’s original intention of the revolution is to create a better society, the utopia. However, when people do succeed, a new unequal world replaces the old one. It is the same in the Cuban revolution, people were not happy with Batista’s rule, and wanted a democratic world, finally when the came in power, it was a new dictator world again.

Innocent or Guilty?: The Borden Murders

The Borden Murders is a book by Sarah Miller that reflects on the 18th century’s most astonishing murder. However through the author’s words, we see another side/ perspective of this case, this led to one of the themes of this book: Rumors shall never suggest if a person is truly innocent or insensible evil.

This book was definitely a good choice to read. It was surprisingly engaging throughout the whole book. Personally, I would rather read a murder mystery instead of a non-fiction case. Unexpectedly it there were period photos, newspaper clippings, and images of the crime scenes. Secondly, what we usually learn about or know are the positive side of life, the dark side we know less about, through this book we can deeply understand the process of the trials

I have learned many important skills in this unit, such as recognizing the complexities of cause and effect and rereading passages to deepen understanding and so. These skills shall be carried with me further for deeper reading in any genre.

Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap?

The Boxers do not deserve a bad rap, the cause of the whole event was the cultural exchange and the communication between the west and the east, tardily, the aim changes to invading China, conquering China, occupying China, the sum of the event are punishment to China. According to the historian, Mr. Jene “The Germans are the last nation that came to China, but they got the city of Qingdao, in Shandong. After noticing the Germans get Qingdao, the British took Weihai. In Shandong, people had their own guarding system called the Melisha, a group of people (farmers) trained for fighting and protecting themselves. Seeing their home being chopped happening, the farmers or the villagers was not so impressed with this, once when the Germans came, they killed 2 German missionaries. The gunfire soon starts.” The Boxer rebellion, a war between the Eight-Nation Alliance in China during the late Qing Dynasty, started. The Boxers targeted the Chinese Christians and some of the foreigners because rumors spread around that Chinese Christians were killed random people and caused natural disasters and more. The uneducated farmers don’t know what is happening, random foreign people taking over their home, this farmer knowing nothing would obviously join the Melisha and listen to people around and follow them, putting you in the perspective, you would definitely choose to guard you home. Why would you blame a poor farmer when he is only protecting his country and family? Even though I agree that the killed numerous random people during the time, but the common people has the higher risk of getting killed without any reasons. Boxers also do not deserve such a bad rap at the end, history can never be changed, however, lessons should be learned, legacies should be told, generations after should know the tragic, violent, brutal pass of Chinese history.

The Aged Mother CER Writing

Emily Cai CER Hum. 8-3

In the story “The Aged Mother”, by Matsuo Basho, the author believes that love and courage are the lead to change, wisdom is the action to change.

In this quote, it describes the outer environment of the mountain: “…and started on his painful journey…The road was long and steep; the narrow road was crossed and re-crossed by many paths…In some places they were lost and confuse, but he gave no heed.” (Basho 1) This shows the hardness of the escape, however it expresses the love of the son to his mother, love is mutual this must happen on the base of the love and effort the mother have put into the farmer. Therefore, his mother’s survival was the courage to escape with his mother up to the steep mountain.

Escaping wasn’t a great idea, there were no surprise for failure. As the story continues, there were no time for hesitation or time left for them. At the important moment, the mother thought of a perfect safe idea to continue living on: “ Make rope of twisted straws, then stretch it upon a row of flat stones and burn it on a windless night.” ( Basho 3) The farmer did what she told him to do, and calling all the other villagers. With no mistakes they concealed the truth, but on the day when the governor came, the farmer relate the story. Unbelievably the governor changed the law. It was the affection of wisdom. This quote shows that wisdom is also important to lead success, the conclusion was depended on the knowledge when courage and love was leading it to happen.

“Inside You Always Be Chinese”, found poem

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This is my found poem of the story Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan.

The conflict in the story is presented in the found poem, notting that the author recognising her religion and accepting it, while having the external conflict with her family, and the internal conflict of her wishing to be more like American girls when being a Chinese.

The story focused on the christmas dinner, when her crush’s family came over, she was embarrassed by her chinese relatives doing chinese traditions. She want to be the same as the American girls, but she thinks that it is embarrassing to have a chinese family, this is the internal conflict. The external conflict is when the minister’s house came for christmas dinner, she showed embarrassment on her face, and her mother notices and had a talk with her after, saying “You want to be the same as American girls on the outside, but inside you must always be Chinese.”

This website is written about embarrassment about your culture, linked to embarrassed and culture to the poem. https://www.theodysseyonline.com/why-being-embarrassed-your-culture-problematic

I also found a cool recipe of Chinese steamed rock cod, it sure looks delicious. https://rasamalaysia.com/steamed-fish-recipe/

The background picture is a traditional Chinese dinner for festivals, I assume that the food they eat during christmas is similar to the picture. Citation of the picture is underneath:

Sina, 江山趣闻, k.sina.cn/
article_1504809754_59b1931a00100p5ln.html?from=food. Accessed 13 Sept.