My inspiration:

What is graphic design?
A visual way for people to communicates messages.

What inspires me about design?
How two different thing can be put together and form something new. I think it’s very

What are my favorite design example?
I like illustrations and anime designs.

Me as a designer:

What would I like the get better at doing as a designer?
I would want to get better at expressing ideas and messages through designing with other people, and presenting it clearly.

What would I like to get better at doing as a designer?
I want to improve my drawing of objects or people and the structure of it by hand draw or using technologies. Also collaborating with others to make better the project.

Personal Poster blog

Personal Poster
Personal poster

During the process, I changed a lot of ideas on what techniques. For example, this is one of the draft I made:

I also got feedback from my friends and my parents. My mom gave me feedback on where I can improve the drawing that will represent me best and which par that I might need to change.

The style I use to draw my self-portrait that I wanted to try, though it looks a bit unfinished or simple, maybe I practice and try making it more the style I wanted.

I choose this background for my poster because the background color gives a contrast, like the blue, yellow and light pink. It makes it stands out more better at the same time it won’t be too attractive to take away the attention from the main part.

I think that the poster is nicely made out and the layout is good. The part I think I could improve on is my self-portrait. I can add more color and details on my face to make it more better looking and representing me.