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Reading Reflection #2

I am still reading The Well of Ascension. I’m currently on chapter 22.

The development of the novel haven’t change a lot since my last reflection. The characters are facing a problem of defending their city from other two forces. Solutions were slowly carried out and progress made was little. The author includes a lot of details of individual character instead of the plot.  The author wrote two different situation going on in the main plot and getting it go together, sharing ideas and information among the characters. This novel was written in third-person limit that we can only see things from the main characters.

Reading Reflection #1

I am currently reading The Well of Ascension. The second book of the mistborn series.

The book is mainly about how the main characters is trying to overthrow the empire and building a new system to make everyone equal. Also defeating the power that will eventually destroy the world. The rest of the novel have already been suggested in the first two book, and kind of gives the reader of a general idea that what the characters will be facing, but also having twist in the plot giving surprise. I personally thinks that the text sometimes is a bit confusing that each character is apart and doing their own things, then at the end came back together and closing the mystery. The novel included irony to show that how different level of people is treated unequal and unfair.


Swot –



I’m a fast reader



I need to improve my writing skills. I always have grammar mistakes and a lack of vocabulary choices


The school to me is an opportunity. The lessons that I take is also an opportunity for me to improve my learning.





By reading for some times every day, I would like to improve my writing skills. I will know I have achieved this when I can arrange better sentences in my writing.

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