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Blogpost #4: Reflect and Share

Product  (<- video)

This product works with the successful process of converting wind kinetic energy into electric energy then in to light energy. This can be seen by when turning the fan using wind which is connected to two gears that spins the motor which will transfer electric energy to make the led light up.

One area that I think was very successful in the process was the fusion model I made. Although the holes don’t fit at first, but after drilling the holes bigger, I discover the distance between the two gears fit perfectly. I find this very important because if the distance was too apart or too close, the whole project might not work since the gears weren’t able to move properly.

One part I think was not the successful was the overall appearance of the project. It is not very appealing. It is able to see all the wires, gears and motor working and does not look that professional. However it does shows the process of energy transfer which reaches the aim of the project.

Something that can improve next time is the appearance and the overall look of it. By making it more appealing will have a better result to achieve the aim.

This project have impacts on the environment and to its client. It shows how renewable energy is transfer into usable electric energy  in a reduced version. It also a toy/ device that can be played by children or others to learn the transfer of energy.

Blogpost #3: Create and Improve

After determining the materials required( fan, generator, gears, led, wires), I was able to use cardboard and put all the thing together. This is the model that I made:

I got advice from Mr Michie that using a really big gears and let it spin the smaller gear will allow it to spin faster

I discovered that the gears were too unstable when they spin. It always tilt side ways which does not let it work properly to spin the generator fast enough to make electric to light the led. Also another thing I realize is that the iron rod, which is connected to the fan, is unable to spin fast and flexible enough to generate electric due to the cardboard put around it which provides friction.

By having feedback, I used fusion to create a more stable and hard support for the gears. This might hold the puts together better. This is the model I made on fusion:

G9 Project v1 Erya

After the 3D model finished printing, I realized that the holes printed were too small for the iron rod and the motor to go through. I receive feedback and were suggested that I can drill the holes bigger. This is the finished model:

The rod, motor and the gears fits perfectly together. Also the rod is able to spin freely with little friction reducing its speed. This allows the smaller gear to spin the motor faster to create more electric to power up the LED.

Blogpost #2: Develop and Plan


– A device using kinetic energy and turning it into electric or other energy.

– A toy/ device

– Maybe include the use of renewable energy


sketch #1 (It’s very blurry when I make it big)

The idea of this one is creating a toy or device shows the transfer of kinetic energy to elastic potential energy. By pulling downward the the fabric (or something else) to store elastic potential energy, and when release, the ball on top will fly into the air and show gravitational potential energy  when it reaches the highest.


  • elastic fabric/ anything that is stretchy
  • a ball that can bounce

Sketch #2

This is an idea of creating a device that use gravitational energy and transfer it into mechanic energy and then into kinetic energy when the fan spins.  When weight is added to the platform, it goes downward and pulls the string which is connected to a device that allows the fan to spin. This shows the transfer of energy.


  • electric fan
  • string
  • gear

Sketch #3

Using renewable energy of wind and convert it into electric energy in order to charge a phone. There will be a fan (or something) the connects to a device so when the fan spin, the energy will transfer into electric energy and be able to charge the phone that is connected to it.


  • fan
  • electric generator/ motor
  • blade that stores energy

Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

Making a device that transfer energy.


– A device using kinetic energy and turning it into electric or other energy

– A toy

– Maybe include the use of renewable energy


  • Educational
  • Understand / shows the process of energy transfer


  • Children or anyone


  • Wireless Power Transmission –

This device conduct electric without wires and simply to use and create. It can be use to light a bulb etc.; however, it

Does not transfer energy from one to another and can only conduct electric.

Pros: Simple to make if have all the materials. Its connecting the wire with all the resistor, transistor and the led together, and by changing the distance between will allow the led to light.

Cons: It requires specific materials such as 27k resistor, 2N2222A transistor that will make it work.

  • Music box

It uses kinetic energy by turning the handle and stores elastic potential energy. The energy is then transfer  into sound energy.

Pros: Theres lot of different transfers of energy in this device and be able to see the process of energy transferring,

Cons: It might be difficult to make the core parts inside and needs to make it able to see in side.

  • Solar hand-crank generator lamp

A lamp light by giving it mechanical energy by turning the handle, The mechanical energy is then transfer into electric energy, then is transfer into light energy to come out. Thermal energy will also be transfer as a waste energy.

Pros: It shows various type of energy transfer.

Cons: It might be hard to make and design.

  • Solar mobile charger

This is a device that use solar energy and transfer it into electric energy to charge the phone.

Pros: It’s using renewable and also can charge a phone.  It’s simple to create with all the material needed.

Cons: It requires sun to work and material used are all pretty specific.

  • Popper toys

Rhode Island Novelty 2&quot; Poppers- Buy Online in Qatar at ProductId : 17500548.

This is a toy which when bend in, will give it elastic energy and when release the energy will transfer into kinetic energy as it pop up. As it is in the air, kinetic energy will then turns into gravitational potential energy as it reach the highest. When it drop down, the energy transfer back into kinetic energy.

Pros: It shows energy transfer through playing this toy and easy to make.

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