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A Book Review on “Trapped” and Why You Should Read it

“Trapped” is a book by Marc Aronson and it’s about a bunch of miners in the San Jose mine. Some rocks fall and they get stuck inside of the mine shelter, and it shows how they band together to survive long enough for the people above try to rescue them. One theme of this book is that by working together, humans can achieve things that seem impossible. Some of the reasons I would recommend you read this book is because it has a good plot and because it was a short and engaging read. The writing style made this read really enjoyable and made it so it was told in a way that you didn’t get bored, but you also learn tons of information while reading. One thing I learned in this unit is that re-reading certain passages can increase your understanding of the book. Before this unit I didn’t re-read passages because I thought that it was useless, but now I know that re-reading can enhance your understanding of the book.

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  1. There is a lot of detail on what happened to the miners and where they were trapped. There are many reasons why you should read this book.

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