My original plan was to make a rainbow with clouds at each end. This project is for my baby sister who is due in October. Each strip of color was going to have an LED on it, and random LEDs would light up when some conductive fabric was pressed. If there was spare time I was going to put a music function too. I was going to use 1 red LED, 2 orange LEDs, 2 yellow LEDs, and 1 green LED. It was also going to go onto a blanket.

My original plan is not that different from my current product. I had to cut out the music part because I don’t have a good enough speaker or enough inputs. There were no orange LEDs so I used blue LEDs instead. It is now on a piece of felt that will go onto a blanket because that is more practical. Other than that, there are no changes to my product.

Making process:


During this project I learned how to sew on snaps, how to plan the conductive thread paths more efficiently, and re-learned how to use a sewing machine. These are all useful skills, so I’m probably going to do this type of thing more in the future, and I’ll make more things for my siblings. The things I’ll make will probably be things like designs on pins or bookmarks for them to wear or use.

Final product: