This novel is a biography of Louie Zamperini, showing how he progresses from a little kid to a soldier. The novel is set mainly during WWII, and how Louie survived a plane crash. The setting is created through a range of techniques, metaphors, personification, etc. The main characters are constantly changing, but the one main character that is consistent is Louie. The author made his character believable by doing research on him (interviewing him, his friends, his family) to replicate the real person as accurately as possible, using a 3rd person limited POV, and other techniques. I would recommend this novel to everyone who enjoys action, but the book is really well done, so if you enjoy good stories, this one is a definite must-read.

The book really connected with me, illustrating how my internal struggle feels, but as an external struggle. This book also has a really good theme, which is “Never give up in the face of adversity and struggle”. This theme is a really good life lesson that is really applicable. This novel has made me realise that no matter how bad something might seem, it can always get better.