1. What is the purpose of rules in photography?

Photography rules are more like guidelines for your standard pictures to make them as good as possible. However, this is just for general pictures and pictures with different purposes might have to break rules to be good.

2. In your mind, what are (some of) the most important rules in photography?

Make sure your subject is fully in the photo, make sure the photo isn’t blurry, make sure there isn’t too much dead space, and make sure that the lighting is good.

3. When might it be a good idea to deliberately break the rules?

When you are trying to take a picture with purposes outside the norm.

4. Do you think it possible to break rules if you don’t know they exist? Give reasons for your answer.

Yes, why wouldn’t you be able to? Just because someone doesn’t know something, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If a tree falls in the forest and it makes a sound nobody hears, it still makes a sound. The world does not revolve around humans or any kind of lifeform.

5. Can a ‘bad’ picture ever be ‘great’? – How important is context in photography? (context= why a picture was taken, when or where it was taken and what message you were trying to make)

Yes, it can be. Context is very important in photography because knowing someone’s intentions helps understand the purpose in their actions.