What is this engineering task?

The engineering task is to make a product addressing and solving a certain problem of my choice.

What are you thinking about/interested in doing? (this should be multiple ideas/precedents)

  • Self-rocking crib
  • Clothes folder

Embed images/links/videos of ideas you like/don’t like – comment on what you like or don’t like, and why.

This is a self rocking baby crib. I personally don’t like this idea because it’s a bit inefficient when it comes to time and resources.

This is a clothes folder, which is useful, but is a bit easy to make.

Define the target audience/ problem/ audience needs you will address.

1st would be for parents that are busy, 2nd for anyone who does laundry, and 3rd is for anyone who microwaves butter.

ANALYZE some of your ideas: What are the pros/cons about each idea? Think about this in the context of the constraints of the project, meeting the needs of the client/audience, etc.

My 1st idea is not very practical, only used for a short time, and resource and time inefficient.

My 2nd idea is practical, however it is very simple.