1. Explain what the phrase Formal Elements means in photography.
    1. They are the basic elements that make up a picture
  2. Describe each of the 6 elements discussed so far (line, shape, pattern, texture, tone, focus)
    1. Line is the lines in the photo, and they are the lines that our eyes follow, so they are used as a tool to direct our attention.
    2. Shape is the second most fundamental aspect of a photo.  Shape helps convey the nature of a subject, not just what its appearance is, but also other aspects of it.
    3. Pattern/Repetition is a tool to help show the differences in similarities.
    4. Texture adds character and interest to the photo, sort of adding onto shape, and it’s also influenced by other elements.
    5. Value/tone adds colour and contrast to the picture and divides it, and can give it a certain feel.
    6. Focus can put attention on certain objects, or make them harder to recognise. This can be used in many ways.
  3. Give an example that emphasises each element –
  4. Can an image show just one element at a time? Justify your answer.
    1. No, because even the most basic image has at least some of these, it’s impossible to not have at least some.