Choose ONE photographer you have seen so far that inspires you.

•Create a gallery of their photographs (at least 8). You can find lots of images online but try to select those that are at least 800 pixels wide.

•Make a list of at least 5 characteristics (typical things) that define your chosen photographs (Tip: think about the Formal Elements. Also, what do you see that’s similar in three or more of these pictures?)

Tone, texture, pattern, no main subject, messiness

•Describe the work of the artist referencing these characteristics (you can add more if you wish)

Pictures are black and white, the texture is cold, pattern with lines or repetition, no main subject for most pictures, and messy patterns with the lines.

•Explain why you have chosen this photographer including how the photographer relates to your vision

He portrays desolation and loneliness very well, and I want people to feel sad when they see trash in the world. Seeing his techniques helps me see how to accomplish that.

If you can – Find a quotation by your photographer and Explain why you chose the particular quotation and how it helps you understand the photographer’s work.

“The photographs that excite me are photographs that say something in a new manner; not for the sake of being different, but ones that are different because the individual is different and the individual expresses himself.” – Harry Callahan

I chose this quote because it shows that Harry Callahan wants people to express themselves through photos as they are.


  • Why did you choose this image in particular?

It portrays desolation well, and that’s what I’m going for in my photos

  • What do you find surprising or unusual about this photograph?

The random person

  • Look carefully and choose ONE of the Formal Elements that you think is important in the photograph (E.g. Focus, Light, Line, Repetition, Shape, Texture, Value/Tone).


  • Describe why you think it is important (2 or 3 sentences)

The texture of the ground is harsh and bland which gives a hopeless feeling. Also, the tree feels dead and empty which reinforces the feeling you get.

  • In what ways are your chosen artist’s photographs abstract?

You have to think about the theme of the photo.

  • What do you like about the style? Be specific and explain your answer.

It does its intended job well, painting a very depressing scene

  • How will you adapt this style to your own photography? How does the image/artist inspire YOU?

I will adopt this style of photography by either making my pictures black and white or by making them have a lack of colour. The image/artist inspires me by how well done it is.

Revised statement of intent:

The message of my triptych will be about how plastic/trash is everywhere. When people see my triptych, I want them to want to make a change and help the environment. To find inspiration I will find photos that focus on more negative emotions such as desolation and loneliness. Plastic/trash is a huge problem in the world today and I would like to change that.