The name of this post is “The Trashtic Triptych” because trashtic is a combination of the words trash and plastic, and the title is an alliteration.

They all have trash or plastic in them.


• Which artists have inspired your project and how?

Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind inspired my style.

• How do your images link to your inspirational images

The style is similar to my photos in that both are black and white.

• What have you experimented further with to help you develop your ideas for the project?

Editing photos to give a certain feel or look to them

• How have you built on what you have done before?

I have developed my ability to make my photos more connected.

• What is the idea behind your final series of images and how does it bring together the best parts of your previous projects?

My final photos are supposed to show how depressing and abundant trash is, and this triptych does this in a more connected manner than my previous triptychs

• How did you create your final series of images?

I edited some of the photos that I took in my previous sets.

• What are the overall strengths of your project and why?

A feeling of overall connectedness, and the style of the pictures.

• What are your areas for development – what do you need to work on In future projects?

Maybe angle and dead space?