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Connect Reflection and Vision

1. What is Portraiture?

GIVE EXAMPLES OF PHOTOGRAPHS /PHOTOGRAPHER’s WORK to help reinforce your argument. See assessment criteria – for mastery opposite.

I believe a portrait is some sort of artistic expression of a human. Selfies are a type of portrait because they artistically express someone. Portraits should include a human, some sort of background and some sort of artistic intent. Since portraits portray only a single subject, there should not be more than one subject in the portrait. A good portrait-maker should utilise many techniques in order to achieve their intended purpose. A portrait can still be considered a portrait as long as it displays some sort of depiction of a human feature, even if the human feature is not made up of human parts, but ceases to be a portrait when the feature becomes hard or impossible to recognise. Also, I think that a portrait is usually only one picture, but it can be comprised of multiple pictures that are very similar.

Mind Map:

Photo on 5-9-22 at 9.31 AM

4. Finding Focus

Alcoholism is the issue that I will be focusing on, more specifically the effect of alcohol on the human body and the sorry state it is put into.

5. Image Inspiration

Black and white, dim lighting,

6. Mood Board

Photo on 5-11-22 at 9.02 PM #3

7. Statement of intent

The title of this project is Alcohell™.

The societal/cultural issue I want to explore with my photographs is Alcoholism.

I want my audience to feel disturbed and alarmed at my photos.

I will get inspiration and develop my ideas by looking for photographs that create an effect of unease well.

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  1. Hi Ethan,
    Based on your mindmap, what societal or cultural issue do you think you will focus on for this project?

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