Print out ALL your images as a contact sheet. Don’t delete ANY!

(Total images: 83)

  1. Annotate your FULL contact sheet:


2. Explain How your own images link to your chosen artist’s images. e.g. I have taken this/these photos – in the style of……/ a …style or – The image is taken in the style of… / a …style because…

I have taken these photos in the style of Ansel Adams by incorporating black and white into them.

3. Select the most effective shots and colour them blue (about 20-30?)

4. Select about 10 green shots that ”best” describe your intentions/vision

5. Explain your “blue” and “green” choices

The blue pictures are the pictures that I think have better angles and poses, and the green ones are the ones that do it best with lots of variation.

SELECT 3 “Red” Images

Write a brief explanation of why you chose the images INCLUDING how they meet your vision.

These images tell the story of an alcohol addict who gives into temptation and suffers the consequences. I have applied my editing skills to make these images a dark and dim black and white. I have experimented a lot with angles and poses because of my past experience with photography. Next time I would try to get a flashlight for lighting effects so that I could control the lighting a bit more.

This is my favourite image because the glass has a very interesting effect on the photo. However, I could have removed the elements on the table to make it less distracting. The exposure is a little overdone but on purpose. I think the current focal length may be a bit too close to the person, but the table wasn’t long enough to go further back. The background is cluttered which shows messiness, and has light that the figure is not in because they are in a bad place right now. The composition and balance of the photo are fine(I believe). The colour is only black and white but is accurate because I wanted it to be divided in colour. The depth of field of this photo is quite ok.