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Reading Reflection #1

This novel is a biography of Louie Zamperini, showing how he progresses from a little kid to a soldier. The novel is set mainly during WWII, and how Louie survived a plane crash. The setting is created through a range of techniques, metaphors, personification, etc. The main characters are constantly changing, but the one main character that is consistent is Louie. The author made his character believable by doing research on him (interviewing him, his friends, his family) to replicate the real person as accurately as possible, using a 3rd person limited POV, and other techniques. I would recommend this novel to everyone who enjoys action, but the book is really well done, so if you enjoy good stories, this one is a definite must-read.

The book really connected with me, illustrating how my internal struggle feels, but as an external struggle. This book also has a really good theme, which is “Never give up in the face of adversity and struggle”. This theme is a really good life lesson that is really applicable. This novel has made me realise that no matter how bad something might seem, it can always get better.

SWOT Table

SWOT Table:


Strengths: N/A

Weaknesses: N/A



Strengths: I can write at a decent level

Weaknesses: My handwriting is terrible, I apologize to anyone who has to read it



Strengths: N/A

Weaknesses: I get nervous



Strengths: I can listen pretty well, it’s not that hard to do

Weaknesses: N/A


By writing every day for 10 minutes, I would like to achieve neater handwriting. I will know I have achieved this when the teacher can read my writing.

Circuits Project

My original plan was to make a rainbow with clouds at each end. This project is for my baby sister who is due in October. Each strip of color was going to have an LED on it, and random LEDs would light up when some conductive fabric was pressed. If there was spare time I was going to put a music function too. I was going to use 1 red LED, 2 orange LEDs, 2 yellow LEDs, and 1 green LED. It was also going to go onto a blanket.

My original plan is not that different from my current product. I had to cut out the music part because I don’t have a good enough speaker or enough inputs. There were no orange LEDs so I used blue LEDs instead. It is now on a piece of felt that will go onto a blanket because that is more practical. Other than that, there are no changes to my product.

Making process:


During this project I learned how to sew on snaps, how to plan the conductive thread paths more efficiently, and re-learned how to use a sewing machine. These are all useful skills, so I’m probably going to do this type of thing more in the future, and I’ll make more things for my siblings. The things I’ll make will probably be things like designs on pins or bookmarks for them to wear or use.

Final product:

Circuits Blog

My product that I made was a bookmark with a unicorn design.

It is for my little sister, because she likes unicorns. I didn’t choose the other designs because they were too simple. The thing that I am most proud of about this project is how good the color scheme is. The color scheme is made up of mostly light colors so it gives the bookmark a very gentle look.

Here are some pictures of what I’ve done in this project:

Some things that were new to me in this unit were sewing with conductive thread, and sewing electronic parts on to fabric. Sewing with conductive thread is a little bit different than sewing with regular thread because conductive thread is thicker and harder to deal with. Sewing electronic parts onto fabric was a little bit hard because I had to learn how to sew them on very securely.

Some things that were hard for me was that I started late and that the nose of my unicorn disappeared. I overcame starting late by sewing a lot for homework. I didn’t solve the problem of losing the nose, I just submitted the bookmark without the nose.

Some tips I would give to next semester students would be to set a plan for yourself and manage your time well when you work on a project. Also, to be careful that your needle doesn’t poke one of your finger.

Something I would like to learn how to do based on this project would be coding/programming. It would be cool if I could manipulate an LEDs brightness and/or blinking patterns. It would also be interesting if I could incorporate sounds into projects.

The Cuban Revolution: the Journey of a Cuban

My character is Dios. Dios is a sugar farmer in Cuba which is quite a common job. He doesn’t have a family, and is pretty well off. This journal is about Dios’ experience during the Cuban revolution.

Many things happened in the Cuban revolution, and it left its mark on the world. Some things stayed the same, like the corrupt government in Cuba. However, many things changed. The government form changed, Connections between America and Cuba changed, the leader of Cuba changed, and many other things changed.

The Cuban Revolution: From Zero to Dictator

This video is made by: Anya, Ethan, and Ryan

I’ve been studying revolutions for a while, and I realised that the ones I’ve studied all happened because people wanted a change and the people in power wouldn’t give it to them. In this one, Cuba wanted Batista to stop controlling Cuba, and they also wanted Cuba’s independence from the United States of America. In the Russian Revolution, the king was a trash ruler, so they overthrew him. Something I’ve learned from revolutions is that if people unite for a common cause, they can achieve things that seem impossible.

A Book Review on “Trapped” and Why You Should Read it

“Trapped” is a book by Marc Aronson and it’s about a bunch of miners in the San Jose mine. Some rocks fall and they get stuck inside of the mine shelter, and it shows how they band together to survive long enough for the people above try to rescue them. One theme of this book is that by working together, humans can achieve things that seem impossible. Some of the reasons I would recommend you read this book is because it has a good plot and because it was a short and engaging read. The writing style made this read really enjoyable and made it so it was told in a way that you didn’t get bored, but you also learn tons of information while reading. One thing I learned in this unit is that re-reading certain passages can increase your understanding of the book. Before this unit I didn’t re-read passages because I thought that it was useless, but now I know that re-reading can enhance your understanding of the book.

Boxers: Scum of the earth or saviors of China?

                        The Boxer rebellion was an event that occurred back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s after the Opium wars. The Boxers were a group of people that were unhappy with foreigners coming into China and destroying their culture. They practiced Martial arts and incorporated it with magic, going around putting on shows, recruiting people, and killing all Christians they came across, including the Chinese people that had been converted. They ended up gaining the support of the head of China at the time, but still failed to drive foreigners out of China and protect their culture. The question I am trying to answer is “do the Boxers deserve a bad reputation?”. I believe that the Boxers did not deserve a bad reputation. I believe that they were just trying to defend their country, and adapting to the situation they were thrown into.

                        Something that proves this is the fact that foreign powers were treating the Chinese people unfairly. They would take large amounts of land because a few of their men had been killed, or because other countries were getting some, and had China give them ridiculous sums of money. When the Boxers were first formed, they killed some foreigners, and this was reported to the Empress Dowager Cixi, head of China, so that she would do something about the Boxers. However, she was also sick of having foreigners in her land and wanted them out. She didn’t see the Boxers as a problem, she saw them as her chance to get foreigners out of China. She ended up supporting them and the Chinese military teamed up with the boxers to form a formidable army. This shows the Boxers did not deserve a bad reputation because they had good reasons for revolting against foreigners. The foreigners had been treating China bad enough that the citizens decided they had to do something about it, and this shows that the foreigners were bad.

During the Boxer uprising, the Boxers cut the telegraph and railway lines. This caused many things to happen. First off, this prevented all communication, because the telegraph station in Beijing was the central communication system where all telegraphs were sent to be delivered. When the Boxers cut off the telegraph lines, they effectively stopped anyone from being able to communicate. When multiple telegraphs from Tianjin went unanswered, people believed Boxers had killed everyone in the town, which was not true. The cutting of the telegraph lines affected the war greatly by disabling communication. The cutting of the railway lines also affected the war. These were lines that were used to transport people from other cities in China to Beijing and other places quickly. When people didn’t get a response from Beijing after they sent a telegraph, they were worried, and foreign soldiers went by railway to investigate. They were going along when they realized lines in front of them were cut. They tried to go back since they couldn’t move forward, but then they saw that the lines behind them were also cut. The Boxers killed the people on the railway, and forced people to have to march when attacking Beijing. This gave the Boxers a huge advantage, since Beijing had really good defenses. These events prove that the Boxers are good because they are protecting the innocent people in the city by making it so foreigners can’t organize an attack easily, and making it so that they can’t launch an attack easily. The Boxers also are trying to help innocent people by freeing them from foreign devils.

When the 8 main foreign powers in China(Germany, Japan, Russia, Britain, France, the United States, Italy and Austria-Hungary)realized what was happening Beijing, they each contributed troops to create a huge army of 55,000 soldiers. The Multinational army made it to Beijing, only to realize that there was a wall. The wall was big enough they couldn’t get over it and they had to search for a way in to kill the Boxers. After a while they found a chink in the armor that was Beijing wall. It was the water gate. The 55,000 troops climbed through the dirty water canal into Beijing and when the Boxers saw this, they panicked. The people in Legations and church were saved, however, the Boxers were scared and removed the symbols that marked them as Boxers so nobody could tell them apart from regular Chinese people. The army wanted to take out their rage on someone, and as they couldn’t figure out who was or wasn’t a Boxer, they killed anyone they thought were Boxers. The army killed many people, but majority of the people they killed weren’t boxers though, they were innocent. This shows that the foreigners are bad, as the foreigners did not need to kill anyone, but they did because they were violent and wanted to kill people. The Boxers are proved to be good from this because when they could not win they didn’t want to die, but they also didn’t want to cause trouble, so they tried to flee or disguise themselves so that no one would be hurt.

The Boxer Uprising has lingering effects today, some bigger than others. Even though it only lasted 2 years, it had a huge impact on history, and we will look back on this event for some time. You might think that it isn’t all that important whether the Boxers have a bad reputation or not, but it affects us and how we think of China, so it actually is. They were doing what they believed was right and we must respect and remember that. In conclusion, the boxers were just trying to help their country, not trying to cause trouble, so they don’t deserve a bad reputation.


Midsummer Night’s Dream Characterization

Demetrius, one of the 4 main lovers from a Midsummer Night’s Dream, is a possible suitor of Hermia, another one of the 4 main lovers in the story. He appears to be a very cold and calculating man at first, but by analysing him, we can see he is actually a very good person. He loves Hermia even when she rejects him (Lines 194, 196 & 198) showing that his love is true and very strong. He also is very Even tempered/Respectful, “You have her father’s love, Demetrius; Let me have Hermia’s: do you marry him.” Lines 93-94, & I am, my lord, as well derived as he, As well possess’d; my love is more than his; My fortunes every way as fairly rank’d, If not with vantage, as Demetrius’; And, which is more than all these boasts can be, I am beloved of beauteous Hermia: Why should not I then prosecute my right?” Lines 99-110 Demetrius listened to Lysander ranting about how he was better and more worthy than him, but he didn’t say anything to anger or offend Lysander because he felt bad Lysander was fighting a losing battle (Since Demetrius has the father’s blessing). Demetrius also is very Kind & Lawful, “And, Lysander, yield thy crazed title to my certain right” Lines 91-92 Even when Lysander had slandered Demetrius, was trying to claim what was rightfully his, going against the law, and going against Hermia’s father’s wishes, Demetrius wasn’t mad and tried to reason with Lysander and give him one last chance to realize he was wrong.

Am I a Humanist?


This is a link to an infographic about some main points of Humanism, and how much of an Humanist I am. Humanism occurred during the Renaissance, which is the period after the dark ages.

Learn more about the Renaissance here

Learn more about Humanism here

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