My product that I made was a bookmark with a unicorn design.

It is for my little sister, because she likes unicorns. I didn’t choose the other designs because they were too simple. The thing that I am most proud of about this project is how good the color scheme is. The color scheme is made up of mostly light colors so it gives the bookmark a very gentle look.

Here are some pictures of what I’ve done in this project:

Some things that were new to me in this unit were sewing with conductive thread, and sewing electronic parts on to fabric. Sewing with conductive thread is a little bit different than sewing with regular thread because conductive thread is thicker and harder to deal with. Sewing electronic parts onto fabric was a little bit hard because I had to learn how to sew them on very securely.

Some things that were hard for me was that I started late and that the nose of my unicorn disappeared. I overcame starting late by sewing a lot for homework. I didn’t solve the problem of losing the nose, I just submitted the bookmark without the nose.

Some tips I would give to next semester students would be to set a plan for yourself and manage your time well when you work on a project. Also, to be careful that your needle doesn’t poke one of your finger.

Something I would like to learn how to do based on this project would be coding/programming. It would be cool if I could manipulate an LEDs brightness and/or blinking patterns. It would also be interesting if I could incorporate sounds into projects.