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The Cuban Revolution: the Journey of a Cuban

My character is Dios. Dios is a sugar farmer in Cuba which is quite a common job. He doesn’t have a family, and is pretty well off. This journal is about Dios’ experience during the Cuban revolution.

Many things happened in the Cuban revolution, and it left its mark on the world. Some things stayed the same, like the corrupt government in Cuba. However, many things changed. The government form changed, Connections between America and Cuba changed, the leader of Cuba changed, and many other things changed.

The Cuban Revolution: From Zero to Dictator

This video is made by: Anya, Ethan, and Ryan

I’ve been studying revolutions for a while, and I realised that the ones I’ve studied all happened because people wanted a change and the people in power wouldn’t give it to them. In this one, Cuba wanted Batista to stop controlling Cuba, and they also wanted Cuba’s independence from the United States of America. In the Russian Revolution, the king was a trash ruler, so they overthrew him. Something I’ve learned from revolutions is that if people unite for a common cause, they can achieve things that seem impossible.

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