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Beaten and Shamed, By Ethan, A found poem of “Thank you M’am” By Langston Hughes

The conflict in the story “Thank you M’am” By Langston Hughes is an internal conflict where Roger, the main character, feels guilty about trying to steal a purse. My poem is an external conflict where a boy is beaten up, and feels bad about something. My poem shows some of the external conflict that the actual story has. My background for this poem is a boy crying, like showing what the boy looked like when he was being beaten up while people were watching.

The Battle of the Pandemics: The Black Death vs. Measles



Ethan’s Sway iBook

This is an iBook on Sway telling about the legacies of Ancient Rome.

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Ethan A.’s Humanities Project

E-waste – a growing problem

Here is my feature article about E-waste.

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Nü Wa-the Creation of Humans/人/Rén.

This is my group’s video for humanities about Nü Wa.

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