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Reading Reflection #2

  • Since my last reflection, I’d estimate that I’ve read around 30 novels. I would recommend some, but others not, because their grammar is absolutely terrible and it’s hard to understand what’s happening.
  • I am currently reading a book called “The Book Eating Magician,” which is about a magician who can only perform any given spell after reading and fully comprehending a book on it. The plot is good, and the grammar is okay. I believe the plot is engaging because there are many conflicts that the character has to overcome, but they are spaced out well enough that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Also, it has a lot of humour in it which adds an element of difference in an action book.
  • Some predictions I can make about the book I am currently reading is that eventually, he will become one of the strongest magicians in his world if not the strongest. However, this will probably not happen for another few hundred chapters.
  • I don’t think I will use any of the texts I have read, since they aren’t very literary. However, I have plans to read Parachutes and I think I will probably do my analysis on that book if I can.
  • Since I haven’t read the book yet, I don’t know.
  • I don’t really have any concerns.

Formal Elements

  1. Explain what the phrase Formal Elements means in photography.
    1. They are the basic elements that make up a picture
  2. Describe each of the 6 elements discussed so far (line, shape, pattern, texture, tone, focus)
    1. Line is the lines in the photo, and they are the lines that our eyes follow, so they are used as a tool to direct our attention.
    2. Shape is the second most fundamental aspect of a photo.  Shape helps convey the nature of a subject, not just what its appearance is, but also other aspects of it.
    3. Pattern/Repetition is a tool to help show the differences in similarities.
    4. Texture adds character and interest to the photo, sort of adding onto shape, and it’s also influenced by other elements.
    5. Value/tone adds colour and contrast to the picture and divides it, and can give it a certain feel.
    6. Focus can put attention on certain objects, or make them harder to recognise. This can be used in many ways.
  3. Give an example that emphasises each element –
  4. Can an image show just one element at a time? Justify your answer.
    1. No, because even the most basic image has at least some of these, it’s impossible to not have at least some.

Engineering Blogpost #1

What is this engineering task?

The engineering task is to make a product addressing and solving a certain problem of my choice.

What are you thinking about/interested in doing? (this should be multiple ideas/precedents)

  • Self-rocking crib
  • Clothes folder

Embed images/links/videos of ideas you like/don’t like – comment on what you like or don’t like, and why.

This is a self rocking baby crib. I personally don’t like this idea because it’s a bit inefficient when it comes to time and resources.

This is a clothes folder, which is useful, but is a bit easy to make.

Define the target audience/ problem/ audience needs you will address.

1st would be for parents that are busy, 2nd for anyone who does laundry, and 3rd is for anyone who microwaves butter.

ANALYZE some of your ideas: What are the pros/cons about each idea? Think about this in the context of the constraints of the project, meeting the needs of the client/audience, etc.

My 1st idea is not very practical, only used for a short time, and resource and time inefficient.

My 2nd idea is practical, however it is very simple.

Socratic Seminar Reflection

  • What did I do well in the formative Socratic seminar?

Talking without grammar errors

  • What do I still need to work on?

A lot of things, “I didn’t speak until 10 minutes in”(Rubric). However, I would like to improve most on contributing more.

  • What goals do I have for next time?

I plan to contribute to the discussion by giving insightful comments and questions, since “my comments showed limited understanding of the text”(Self reflection)

  • What steps will I take to achieve these goals?

I will prepare more thoroughly and make sure to have analysation of language since I “did not analyse the language choices enough”(Peer reflection)

Circuits Project

My original plan was to make a rainbow with clouds at each end. This project is for my baby sister who is due in October. Each strip of color was going to have an LED on it, and random LEDs would light up when some conductive fabric was pressed. If there was spare time I was going to put a music function too. I was going to use 1 red LED, 2 orange LEDs, 2 yellow LEDs, and 1 green LED. It was also going to go onto a blanket.

My original plan is not that different from my current product. I had to cut out the music part because I don’t have a good enough speaker or enough inputs. There were no orange LEDs so I used blue LEDs instead. It is now on a piece of felt that will go onto a blanket because that is more practical. Other than that, there are no changes to my product.

Making process:


During this project I learned how to sew on snaps, how to plan the conductive thread paths more efficiently, and re-learned how to use a sewing machine. These are all useful skills, so I’m probably going to do this type of thing more in the future, and I’ll make more things for my siblings. The things I’ll make will probably be things like designs on pins or bookmarks for them to wear or use.

Final product:

RaC Reflection

  • I used to think that some things were impossible to code  but now I know that anything is possible to code given enough time. The reason I thought some things were impossible to code was because of the difficulty or lack of functions, but over the course I learned you just need time and you can create functions and if you have enough time difficulty doesn’t really matter.
  • My client has a big family and they can never decide on one thing so I wanted to help her. The app I decided to create was a random generator so that it could randomly generate one of the options they put in and the app would decide for them, therefore ending the problem (hopefully).
  • My layout is very practical and goes in this order (from top to bottom). First are the text boxes in which you input the options, then there are the buttons to add or delete text boxes. After that there is the button to generate, and then the text box in which the generated thing displays.
  • My app quality is so-so and doesn’t look like anything special. My app functioning is better than I expected, because once I started coding, I realized that coding my app was going to be very hard. That lowered my expectations a lot, but my functioning met everything I originally wanted, so I am happy with the functioning of the app.
  • Some strengths of my product are that is well made and functions pretty well. Another strength is that the layout is very practical. Some weaknesses of my product is that it looks very colorless and bland, and It definitely isn’t perfect. Other than these things though I think my app is ok. Some weaknesses of the process of designing it was that I couldn’t  understand some of the functions, or what I needed to do. The result of this was that I couldn’t do a lot of coding outside of class. Some strengths of the process is that I was very productive in class so I was still able to create my app.

My cranky contraption

My biggest obstacle for this project was that I couldn’t find the necessary materials for my product, so I went home and found what I needed (the white string) and continued on with my project.

One thing I’d like to change about my project is how the spiders move. They move up, but they were also supposed to move down and I really wish that they would’ve gone down.

Overall I think this product was successful because it kind of works, it looks good, and it will probably make my younger brother happy.

Spring trip

Here is some advice for the grade 6 spring trip:

1. Bug spray attracts wasps.

2. Be careful.

3. Don’t make other tribes hostile towards you.

4. Have fun!

The best part of the trip was exploring the place.

The Microwave

I am proud of my prototype because it insulated heat very well and was sturdy. If there was one thing I would do differently, it would be to add more insulators to reduce heat loss. The quality was good because it did not fall apart when put under extreme temperature.

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