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Beaten and Shamed, By Ethan, A found poem of “Thank you M’am” By Langston Hughes

The conflict in the story “Thank you M’am” By Langston Hughes is an internal conflict where Roger, the main character, feels guilty about trying to steal a purse. My poem is an external conflict where a boy is beaten up, and feels bad about something. My poem shows some of the external conflict that the actual story has. My background for this poem is a boy crying, like showing what the boy looked like when he was being beaten up while people were watching.

The Battle of the Pandemics: The Black Death vs. Measles



Ethan’s Sway iBook

This is an iBook on Sway telling about the legacies of Ancient Rome.

Go to this Sway

RaC Reflection

  • I used to think that some things were impossible to code  but now I know that anything is possible to code given enough time. The reason I thought some things were impossible to code was because of the difficulty or lack of functions, but over the course I learned you just need time and you can create functions and if you have enough time difficulty doesn’t really matter.
  • My client has a big family and they can never decide on one thing so I wanted to help her. The app I decided to create was a random generator so that it could randomly generate one of the options they put in and the app would decide for them, therefore ending the problem (hopefully).
  • My layout is very practical and goes in this order (from top to bottom). First are the text boxes in which you input the options, then there are the buttons to add or delete text boxes. After that there is the button to generate, and then the text box in which the generated thing displays.
  • My app quality is so-so and doesn’t look like anything special. My app functioning is better than I expected, because once I started coding, I realized that coding my app was going to be very hard. That lowered my expectations a lot, but my functioning met everything I originally wanted, so I am happy with the functioning of the app.
  • Some strengths of my product are that is well made and functions pretty well. Another strength is that the layout is very practical. Some weaknesses of my product is that it looks very colorless and bland, and It definitely isn’t perfect. Other than these things though I think my app is ok. Some weaknesses of the process of designing it was that I couldn’t  understand some of the functions, or what I needed to do. The result of this was that I couldn’t do a lot of coding outside of class. Some strengths of the process is that I was very productive in class so I was still able to create my app.

Robotics post

This picture is a picture of the wiring in the robotic dragon.

The most difficult aspect of this project was the building. The building was the most difficult part of the project because it was very time consuming and it was hard to do exactly what we wanted to do. An example is the painting, because it was very time consuming and it was hard to get all the details we wanted right.

The most enjoyable aspect of this project was the coding. The coding was the best part because I usually enjoy coding and it is very satisfying to see the code work. One thing that would’ve made the coding more enjoyable for me would’ve been if it were more challenging because the coding was super basic.

Something I did well on this project is the coding. I did the coding well and the program I made ran the code successfully. Something I could’ve added on is an audio file that plays when it is activated.

Something I would do differently next time is to make my finalized project clearer. When I didn’t have a clear idea of my project, it sort of fell apart and I wouldn’t have been able to finish a project in time if I hadn’t partnered with Christian. Another thing I would do differently is to give my full attention to my project.

Something I learned about physically building a robot is that is very time consuming. Building a robot can be very time consuming because there might be some setbacks such as messing up on a cut and that might mess up the whole piece, so you have to create a new piece. Another reason it could be time consuming is because you might want to paint it. Painting is very time consuming because it takes a long time to dry and the details are hard to get right.

Something I learned about programming a robot is that it is a lot easier than I thought it would be. Programming the robot was a lot easier than I thought it would be, because our robot only had to do a few basic things, so I only had to use a few blocks to make the program work. It might have been a little more challenging if I had added on some extra functions, but I couldn’t think of what else to add on.

Something I would like to learn more about programming is how to do more advanced coding. I would like to learn advanced coding because I enjoy coding. Another reason I would like to learn more advanced coding is because I enjoy a good challenge (if it’s fun).

If I had to give advice to a student, it would be: DON’T SLACK. If you slack, even towards the end of the project it increases the chance of it not being ready or not working on the day of the robotics petting zoo.

This link is to a video of our working dragon robot breathing fire and eyes turning red:Dragon breathing fire

Ethan A.’s Humanities Project


I am a brother, a son, and a student. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother, and I love to climb trees. I like cats and dogs even though I don’t have a cat or a dog. My favorite color is the color teal. I love the outdoors. I am messy and I hate doing anything to my hair. I hate mosquito bites. I love reading almost any fiction book and have read the Harry Potter series multiple times. Don’t label me.

My cranky contraption

My biggest obstacle for this project was that I couldn’t find the necessary materials for my product, so I went home and found what I needed (the white string) and continued on with my project.

One thing I’d like to change about my project is how the spiders move. They move up, but they were also supposed to move down and I really wish that they would’ve gone down.

Overall I think this product was successful because it kind of works, it looks good, and it will probably make my younger brother happy.

Spring trip

Here is some advice for the grade 6 spring trip:

1. Bug spray attracts wasps.

2. Be careful.

3. Don’t make other tribes hostile towards you.

4. Have fun!

The best part of the trip was exploring the place.

E-waste – a growing problem

Here is my feature article about E-waste.

To read more, click here

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