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Lightbox Reflection

For the first unit of Product Design, classmates have given a mission to create a lightbox in places that is meaningful or special. I chose to produce the lightbox of Namsan Tower because I often visit Namsan Tower when I lived in Korea and it is one of the famous places in Korea.



Overall, I think my lightbox was a success because I was able to design a satisfying lightbox. At the beginning of Quarter 3, we were doing the online classes. Classmates including me had many technical issues, which created a difficult environment to do Product Design. However, we eventually finished the project. I was very satisfied with the project that I made. The LED was bright and the front layer cover LED’s wire to not shown, layers were all painted in suitable colors, and the adhesion of layers was powerful enough. Although I wasn’t familiar with using Adobe Illustrator and designing the lightbox, assistance from my friends and teachers promoted me to finish this project with a success.


One piece of advice I’d give a future student doing this project would be checking the layers multiple times and putting the accurate size of masking tape before painting. I had many troubles during cutting out the layers. For example, some of my trees didn’t get printed because they were ungrouped, same with the tower layer that upper parts weren’t grouped, so that part didn’t come out. In order to not make these mistakes, you should check layers many times before you submit the file. In addition, some parts didn’t get painted due to the oversize of the masking tape. After I take off the tape, I had to paint the areas that weren’t painted, which was very difficult to solve. Therefore, attaching the accurate size of masking tape is crucial. Finally, do not use the brushes in different colors to not give other students discomfort.

Something I’d like to change about my lightbox is thickness and paintings of some layers. My tower layer was so thin that it can be broken if the layer was dropped, or I press hard. So, I would increase the thickness of the tower next time in order to prevent the fracture. Also, I want to paint the layers more neatly. I think the lightbox can be more awesome if the painting was spruce. However, the finished project permits me to recall the enjoyments of the place.

The variation of laws and government: The French Revolution

This video is about the summary of the French Revolution. The video discusses the changes that are made due to the revolution such as elimination of taxation, abolished of old laws, and end of monarchy while also explains the key events and important people in revolution.

I think our collaboration was fine since we were able to ask questions when we needed to and worked together. Although I am not familiar with using PowerPoint, Matthew helped me a lot by teaching some skills and giving feedback, which allows us to successfully create the video.

The 57 Bus : The book you should read

The book “The 57 Bus” is written by Dashka Slater that is chiefly about gender discrimination. The book describes the discrimination that people who have a different gender than normal people receive. Sasha is genderqueer which is a gender that does not belong to either male or female. Sasha felt proud of one’s gender but other people were hard to understand. His grandmother was even curious why Sasha was wearing a skirt often even though Sasha is not a female. However, there is nothing wrong if Male wears skirts, so these thinking are all gender discrimination. Sasha and Richard had met on the 57 bus and they didn’t recognize each other. Richard was playing with the lighter and burnt the Sasha’s clothes. When he saw Sasha, he thought Sasha was gay because he wore skirts, which was one of the reason why he burnt Sasha’s clothes. In the end of the story, Richard received 5 life sentences about his action and he had written an apologizing letter to Sasha’s family. One theme of this book is people should not discriminate against people who have different gender, so they should act as same as they behave to normal people and respect their gender.

There are 2 reasons why people should read this book. 1) This book has a general explanation of the discrimination and genders that are existed in our daily life which inculcate the mind of respecting others more. 2) This book assists to understand the teenager’s mind such as why teenagers are not thinking dip as an adult and making more mistakes which will help adults to understand teenagers.

In this unit, I had learned how to take notes more efficiently and precisely using some strategies and rereading is a good method to understand the book especially the parts where it is confusing to me.




Do boxers deserve a bad rap?

The boxers which was a group of Chinese who called themselves the society of righteous and harmonious fists. Boxers deserve a bad rap because boxers did everything that they can do to disturb and badly impact foreigners or Christians. According to our field trip, the guide said, “Boxers killed Chinese who are related to Christians, foreigners, and missionaries”. This shows why boxers deserve a bad rap because they just killed people if people behave ineffectively or giving a bad impact on China. When the drought happened in China, boxers thought the drought was happening by the church due to the high building of the Church. They thought Church was blocking the rain that is coming from the sky and the god is giving punishment to all of the Chinese because Chinese Christians didn’t behave well to the god which is unpleasant to boxers. Therefore, boxers killed Chinese Christians or people who are related to Western countries, foreigners, and missionaries. The guide also said, “Boxers cut off the telephone lines in the post office, so the foreigners cannot communicate with their country.” When the boxers cut off the telephone lines, foreigners try to come up with a new method to communicate. The new method that they find was the mail. After the boxers recognized foreigners are using mail, they banished mail in China. They don’t want foreigners to communicate with their country people. In addition, the guide said, “Boxers placed bombs in the ground of French legation which damage some parts of the legation.” This bombing was the warning signal for another legation. Not only warning other legations by placing some bombs on the ground of the French Legation, but boxers also placed bombs to kill some foreigners. Boxers also cut the train line when 8 nations try to arrive in Beijing, they have no way to enter because the train line was cut off. Therefore, other nations let the Indonesians go to Beijing by the water gate, which was dirty, but it was the only way to go to Beijing. Boxers can’t deserve the name the society of righteous and harmonious fists since they control people with the violence. As a result, boxers deserve a bad rap because they try to kill Chinese Christians, missionaries, foreigners, or Chinese who are related to the Western country, block foreigners from communicating with their hometown, and distract foreigners when foreigners try to attack China.

Video about the Boxer Rebellion

Article About the Boxer Rebellion


Helena Magazine Cover


Jealousy by Ethan Kim

I chose the title jealousy because I want to make the title that is related with the characteristic of Helena, Helena is a jealous person so I try to come up with the word that means jealous so it became jealousy. I chose the picture of woman who is jealous at someone because they both are jealous at someone. I think the appearance of Helena is uncomely face because in the text it says Helena wants the beauty of Hermia so I can infer her appearance is not really beautiful.

Hyperlink :

  1. Why people get jealous at someone?
  2. What causes the jealousy?

Humanism Task

The Aged Mother CERER

It isn’t easy to considerate for other people. People know how to consider for others, but they didn’t often behave. Petty consideration can be really helpful to others. A son and the mother are living together, the despotic leader proclaims that the elder people need to die in the mountain. So, the son lifts his mom and climbs the mountain, but his mom drops tiny piles of twigs so the son can go home safely. The son gets impressed with his mother’s kindness and he lifts his mom and climbs back down the mountain. One day, the leader orders to make a rope of ashes, the son’s mom gives advice to her son so the he and the others can successfully finish the work. leader is informed that the son’s mother gives an idea to make that. Therefore, the cruel law gets abolished and his custom disappears.

In the story “The Aged Mother,” by Matsuo Basho, the author believes that the kindness and consideration for other people can help them efficiently. A quote that shows her kindness is when she says “The mountain road is full of dangers. Look carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. They will guide you to the familiar path farther down’” (Basho 6). This shows that the main character’s mom is considering about her son. When the son lifts his mom and climbs the mountain, his mom puts tiny piles of twigs in every few steps they pass. Therefore, when they return, they can follow the piles of twigs making it easier to get back. The mountain is full of danger, since the son lifts his mom, they should be more careful. His mom’s consideration helps them to walk easily down the mountain. As the story continues, it continues to show the mom’s kindness where she gives out advices that supported his son. Another example would be“On the second day she told him what to do. ‘” Make rope of twisted straw,’” she said. ‘” Then stretch it upon a row of flat stones and burn it on a windless night’” (Basho 7). This shows her mom’s kindness because she is helping and gives advice to his son. The son and the other people together did as his mom said. As a result, they successfully finished the work. If there wasn’t advice from his mom, the son and the people couldn’t accomplish the work. The mom didn’t know how to do at first. However, his mom’s kindness eventually leads to thinking of the idea and conveys it to the son.

In conclusion, the author believes that consideration for other people can help them no matter what the situation is. His mom’s consideration which she gives advice to make a rope of ashes helps other people to accomplish the work. Because they accomplish the work, the cruel law which is elder people need to die in the mountain get abolished.




Found Poem (The Last Kiss)

I found some words in The Last Kiss by Ralph Fletcher. The conflict in this story is when the dad didn’t give a kiss to the main character. The main character has gotten a kiss from his parents since he was young so he went to dad to get a kiss. But his dad didn’t give a kiss and just saying “Good night, then”. Next night he decided to ask again. However his dad didn’t give a kiss. So the main character recognizes that he was too old to be kissed by his father. I think the conflict is external conflict because the main character is having a conflict with his dad. His dad isn’t giving a kiss to the main character which is the main conflict of this story. So the protagonist is the main character and the antagonist is the dad. My design supports my poem because I draw a broken heart and kiss which is the icons that are related to this story.




Black Death vs Cholera



Legacies of Ancient Rome

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