uniforms are bad. According to 4 out of 5 experts say uniforms are not good. School uniforms should not be used because it can cause family stress, resentment among students and limit freedom of expression.


Uniforms can cause extra stress to family. According to some families cannot afford enough. As a resulted, they will have to wash it right after school. It would be a tiresome work and waste time that can be spent on rest. If also the parent would be too busy to help kids on schoolwork.


Uniforms can also cause resentment among student. A cording to connect us, it also say that uniforms make students wear things they might not want to wear. This will cause some resentment to wear uniforms. Also, they did a survey in the us and most states no to parent on to uniforms are above 50%.


Uniforms can stop bullying in school. According to a survey 9 out of 10 teachers agree to school uniforms. The reason is that school uniforms can prevent people from being teased because clothing. However, it takes away and the freedom of what to wear and students may feel oppressed not to develop their own opinions. Even though teachers say it is good it prevents bullying of clothes that teachers don’t know how students feel. Also, it may affect decision making skills.


In conclusion school uniforms should not be used because it causes family more stress, resentment among students and takes away freedom of clothing.