According to the information I have,  the boxers should get a bad reputation. They killed two German Christian missionaries in Shandong causing the Germans to get Qingdao. Then the boxers assassinated the German minister Clemens von Ketteler while he was traveling from the legation to a meeting at Zhongli yamen, which handled the European affairs for the Qing court. They boxers also worked with the Qing imperial troops. the boxers and the imperial troops detonate a mine under the French legation. The French and Austrians had to go to the British legation for shelter. The boxers killed religious innocent Christians and even Chinese Christians who have their rights to do the religion they want. They killed people who were following the orders of their respected governments to have legation in china. The boxers acted violently instead of negotiation and murdered civilians and diplomats of the foreigner nations. They also destroyed legations and attacked them without warning.