Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.Leonardo da Vinci

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The War of Independence

Many things changed after the revolution, there was a new form of government that was not monarchy was created. It was a democratic system where the citizens can vote for who the leader is, and the leader is known as the president. The Americans also expanded westward which was not allowed under British rule. This was to prevent conflict with the native Americans. Another change was that the Americans had more voting rights to choose their leader than having it appointed by the British parliament. There were also things that stayed the same, African slavery was still very common in America after the revolution. Slavery was only abolished in America after the civil war but the British had abolished slavery earlier and without a civil war.

The American Revolution

This is a video about the American Revolution in plain English.

Google it – A history of Google

The book I am sharing is Google it by Anna Crowley Redding. The theme is the founders of google believed perseverance in their vision to organize the web. The founders of google did not have enough money to get the computer and servers they need so they tried their best by getting what they can get and assembling a sever to store information from the web. They also dropped out of Grad school to continue their Google project and organize the web. Two reason to read this book is the format of the book is has different parts for facts in dark blue areas explaining about google apps, features facts about thing at that time. The book takes you through how Google grows from a project to organize the internet to a big tech company. One thing I learned about is that google as a company started out not to make money but to help  organize the web and make it a better place for researching information.

Does the boxer deserve a bad reputation

According to the information I have,  the boxers should get a bad reputation. They killed two German Christian missionaries in Shandong causing the Germans to get Qingdao. Then the boxers assassinated the German minister Clemens von Ketteler while he was traveling from the legation to a meeting at Zhongli yamen, which handled the European affairs for the Qing court. They boxers also worked with the Qing imperial troops. the boxers and the imperial troops detonate a mine under the French legation. The French and Austrians had to go to the British legation for shelter. The boxers killed religious innocent Christians and even Chinese Christians who have their rights to do the religion they want. They killed people who were following the orders of their respected governments to have legation in china. The boxers acted violently instead of negotiation and murdered civilians and diplomats of the foreigner nations. They also destroyed legations and attacked them without warning.

Magazine of Duke Theseus

Whish you a duke by Eugene Shen

The story of our project is A midsummer Night’s Dream written by William Shakespeare in England during the Elizabethan era. The character I chose was Theseus, King of Athens because he was a powerful absolute monarch of Athens and Theseus was also a hero of Athens by killing the minitour. I picked the image with a duke because I think he is a middle-aged stern ruler wearing royal clothes and with a noble expression. I am proud of my uses of the cursive for the title and distinction between the claim and quote.



My found poem


The last kiss by Ralph fletcher conflict is about man vs nature. The main character the story grows up and his dad doesn’t give him good night kiss anymore. it is an internal conflict between man vs nature because the main character is growing up. My poem highlight the main parts of the conflict.

Renaissance Humanist Elements

Humanism during the RENAISSANCE by Eugene Shen

Humanism Britannica Kids

Humanism History Crunch

the bubonic plague vs smallpox



Legacies of ancient Rome and China

design class reflection

My biggest success was cutting everything precisely  and neatly. It was a success because everything all fits properly.

My biggest obstacle was trying to finish thing without my patterned. it was a obstacle because I am not so good at drawing.

Skills that I learned or developed were that I can cut more carefully now.

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