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design class reflection

My biggest success was cutting everything precisely  and neatly. It was a success because everything all fits properly.

My biggest obstacle was trying to finish thing without my patterned. it was a obstacle because I am not so good at drawing.

Skills that I learned or developed were that I can cut more carefully now.

phone box

My biggest success was making a phone box. My biggest obstacle was making it the best it could be. Skills that I learned or developed were how to use adobe illustrator.

Design Reflection



My biggest success was that I created the box to store the ice Crean for my Client. It was a success because my client liked it.

My biggest obstacle was trying to make the product the way I want it to be. This was difficult because it was very confusing making the buttons.

This product addresses the needs of my client by helping her keep her ice cream from going bad.

It helped my client because it reminds my client of the ice cream going bad.

Design Reflection

My biggest success was making the cranky contraption work. The reason is that I made it for a long and had to redesign for two times. The first time I didn’t make the metal wire curl in the right way, but I unexpectedly applied hot glue to stick it together and had to tear the dried glue off. The second time was that I didn’t put the wire attaching the middle so it didn’t go straight into the cone and had to repeat the same thing to get it right.

Abilities that I learned were being able to work independently in the workshop and learn how to use the tools appropriately. For example, we were taught by Mr .laymen how to use wire benders and cutter safely to tell everyone around you including yourself to wear safety goggles. To work independently, I improved on my focusing skills to complete assignments faster and with higher quality.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to use acrylic paint to give my ice cream and cone a more high-quality look. The reason is that when I only use color pens the tape cannot be colored in so if I used acrylic paint I can color it all in with no gaps.

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