Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.Leonardo da Vinci

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The War of Independence

Many things changed after the revolution, there was a new form of government that was not monarchy was created. It was a democratic system where the citizens can vote for who the leader is, and the leader is known as the president. The Americans also expanded westward which was not allowed under British rule. This was to prevent conflict with the native Americans. Another change was that the Americans had more voting rights to choose their leader than having it appointed by the British parliament. There were also things that stayed the same, African slavery was still very common in America after the revolution. Slavery was only abolished in America after the civil war but the British had abolished slavery earlier and without a civil war.

My found poem


The last kiss by Ralph fletcher conflict is about man vs nature. The main character the story grows up and his dad doesn’t give him good night kiss anymore. it is an internal conflict between man vs nature because the main character is growing up. My poem highlight the main parts of the conflict.

the bubonic plague vs smallpox



Legacies of ancient Rome and China

phone box

My biggest success was making a phone box. My biggest obstacle was making it the best it could be. Skills that I learned or developed were how to use adobe illustrator.


In the activity, we have been chosen into 6 groups to a different basket of material like natural resources for an ancient civilization in their city or city-state. Only lucky groups get the best of the material to make a secret invention that we can only open if we have the materials. Our group in the simulation didn’t have the good materials to have a good trade, the only good thing was that we have tape and spoons. During the activity, I personally believe that we didn’t have enough good materials. As a group, we decided that I would be the law person Emily the trader kiss and Arthur the builder. our biggest accomplishment was building temples and our weakest point is the trading. If I could do this activity again¨ I would change the way we trade we should ask what they want the trade.


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