During this semester of product design, we designed a light box we had the choice to chose a certain place that we wished to go or planned to go since due to COVID-19 no one was able to go traveling. I chose to make a landscape of few of the most famous buildings in Korean since i missed to Korea. Almost every summer our family travels to Korea but this time we couldn’t.

During this project i learned a lot of new design skills. I learned how to 3D print and how to use Adobe Illustrator. After we were all don with our boxes we learned a little bit about acrylic paint such as learning to use as little amount of paint at once.

Personally, the most challenging part for me was when i had to learn to use Adobe Illustrator,  Adobe Illustrator was very complex and it took me a while to get used to the functions and the setting on the system. Also,  when I 3D lazer cutted a piece it didn’t come out in the way I want it to so I had to redo some pieces and at the end I FORGOT to print last one box layer so Mr. Layman had to print me

Some things i want to change about my box is that i would like to design more buildings in to my box the box makes it so that it is full of layers. Also i would like to paint more of my layers.

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