Though out history Boxers have received a bad reputation, however, I strongly believe that Boxers does not deserve a bad reputation. In the 19th century, foreign countries were coming to China to take over land and trade goods. Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Germany, and other nations established foreign enclaves’ concessions in spheres of influence in China. China’s farmers became furious about the fact that foreign countries were bring change to their town Shandong. Especially the fact that the foreigners were trying to change their religion made them more furious. As a result, the farmers burnt down the Church that the Germans has made they believed that the Church was the reason why they had a drought. Then Men who were now named “boxers” by the British were now moving from Shandong to Beijing. When the Boxers arrived in Beijing they captured the foreign missionaries as hostages in the capital and planned to kill them all however the boxers didn’t kill them. Even though the Boxers killed a lot of foreigners and Chinese I believe that they do not deserve a bad reputation.

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