China’s Rotten History

In this video me and my friends try to cover the entire cultural revolution from China in a 5 minute common-craft-style video, this video is about what caused Mao to act in craze in the time period of the cultural revolution. Which caused the huge amounts of casualty in China. It is also about what Mao did in the cultural revolution, the aftermath of the revolution, up until Mao’s death and his successor. This was super fun, but remember that if there are any oil on the pieces of papers, then it’s Boyan’s fault. And also i pray that the government looks past the unrespectful elements towards Mao in this video.

George’s Attempts to get Meeting but Fails Spectacularly (Narrative Book Assessment)

Watch as George tries to get meeting for his next assessment, i know right? What a dreamer. See what happens next as George reads his mediocre script in his mother’s basement.

I forget to rate the book out of 5 stars, sorry.

Title of book: Unbroken    Author: Laura Hillenbrand

Theme: A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain

Evidence: “He was tired and so far behind. Then he found himself thinking of something Pete once said: A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain. Louie thought: Let go”

Two Reasons to read the book:

Firstly: It has an interesting plot.

Second: The character development is really good.

Reflection: I have learned that i have taken a liking to non-fiction books over fantasy and sci-fi, I will continue to pursue the path of non-fiction and read classic books like War and Peace.

Thinglink Beijing Tour

The Boxers do deserve a bad reputation, because two of the Boxer’s target were Chinese converts and families of missionaries.

Not only did the Boxers kill foreign christians, but the Chinese converts as well, when the Boxers laid siege on Beijing, the Chinese and foreign Christians took refuge in the church, they were lucky, outside of Beijing, converts were targeted by Boxers and killed. Even in Taiyuan, where the governor offered asylum to 44 missionary’s families, executed them cold-blooded.

This is an immoral, inhumane cruel thing to do because no matter the belief, they’re still Chinese, this shows the deep hatred the Boxers have for foreigners and Christians, which makes it harder to sympathize with Boxers.

Theme of “the Aged Mother”

Have you ever wondered what an actually dystopian world would be like, well the Aged Mother is a dystopia even worse than hunger games. The short story is about a mother and a son in a dystopian world, where the law is to kill all old people, but the son refused and hid his mom, after that, the mother helped the governor on something that only old people can do, the governor then abolished the law.

In the aged mother, by Matsuo Basho, the author believes that the nation’s commandments are unfair and cruel, and also reflecting on the real world, Basho’s story shows that even though the laws are in place, there still is humanity. In the story, because they are in the mountains, it is very easy to get lost in the woods, so the mother dropped twigs on the path the son took as he carried her “The mountain road is full of dangers. LOOK carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. They will guide you to the familiar path farther down”. (Basho, 1) This shows that even when the son has to kill the mother, the mother still loves him and worry about him, and tried to help him one last time. The son was inspired by the mother’s act of kindness, so he refuses to kill her, take her down the mountain and hide her from the government. “Together we will follow the path of twigs, and together we will die”. (Basho, 1) His actions means certain death, but the son loves his mother and he won’t kill her and rather choose to be executed with her. These evidence shows that Basho’s intentions of writing this short story is to show that even in a horrible dystopia, there still is a honor, duty and love, which could inspire people in real life to be better people.

The Aged Mother

More about Matsuo Basho

Design Reflection

Project Reflection:

My project’s name is called lighthouse, it’s supposed to be a lighthouse, but sideways it looks like a flashlight, because it’s not finished, the LED position is where the light is, i was going to make a house shaped shape on top of the LED so it actually looks like a lighthouse, but i didn’t have the time to do that so i just made a base for it. I am happy with how well-y connected the LED and the coin is, but what i don’t like is how this project is so bland, there is like no special thing about it, so next time, i’ll make it more interesting.

Course Reflection: 

My favorite experience about this course is the lighthouse project, because it’s the only project and it made me learn a lot of things.

My challenge i have overcome is me not being able to understand things in class, about how the LED works, about how to use the coppertape, about the coin battery and all. But i asked for help and it worked, ask for help kids.

The difficulty i have yet to overcome is i’m not very creative to think of something creative to make, so all my work is gonna be super boring like the lighthouse you see above.

I like overall everything about this class, but when do we start coding stuff? Because that’s a key factor to why i choose this class over product design.


Fish Poem

The poem below is taken from page 1 of fish cheeks by Amy Tan, it shows a man versus himself and man versus society conflict between her culture and the American culture. In the story, Amy developed a crush on an American boy, and later discorvered that her mom invited the boy’s family to come over for Christmas eve dinner. She then freaks out and thinks that Americans will despise her culture and her. Then when the family arrives for dinner, Amy is deeply embarrassed and humiliated because her relative behaved poorly, which bothered the Americans. How will Amy overcome her forbidden crush on the boy, if ever.

Mental health and technology

The green zone is when a person have limited screen-time each day to be kept healthy, but some always stayed out, technology has become a very distracting instrument around kids, adults, and even seniors. And i was one of the victims, however when i was young, i did not know the technology’s corruption, or in other words, i was in the green zone, And it felt great, with my parents limiting my screen time, i was fine, compare with now, i was in control of myself, not effected by it. But when i learned the addiction of technologies, when i was a transfer, everything changed, influenced by my schoolmates, i learned the diversity of what a computer can do, there’s just so many things to do, like gaming, or watching youtube, TV-show, it just doesn’t seem to end. But fortunately, my parents took action and threatened to sell my laptop, i was once again in control of the tech. Now, i use technology to do good things instead of just gaming, i started reading, or watching helpful documentaries, it starts to help me focus on what matters what doesn’t. Before i had control, i was struggling about finishing the e-learning schoolwork, i was moving lately, i used to live downtown, now i live in Yosemite, it was a lot of work, so i had a few setback on finishing work, the more i didn’t finish, the more there is, so i started working late, very late, that, plus working on the computer making it very hard for me to get just i slightest bit of sleep, so the vicious cycle began, usually i wake up at 9AM, just like a normal person would, but, i started to wake up at 12, it felt unnerving, and very very stressed. And now, it is happening right now just as i am writing this blog. Fortunately, i have developed a cure for this disease, i now have tea with my mom and talk about politics, just, away from all the studying and all the reading, i am also getting long distance calls from my brother and father to help too, and it’s working.

Door Decoration Design

My biggest success was that i successfully made the Chinese character “Fu” and sticked the character on top of the decoration.

My biggest obstacle was accurately locate where i should cut the door handle and the door stop on the decoration.

One concern that was shared with me was me partner choosing design, he chose a design that was impossible to cut out, so i worry about what will happen to our design if he fails.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is i must focus not only on the main thing, but smaller things as well, because now, my design look horrific.

Overall, I think this product was unsuccessful because i have failed to perfectly fit the door stop and the door handle, and i have also failed to work on smaller decorations, furthermore, my partner has failed to cut the design of his.