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Chinese Culture Revolution

My character was a student in the university. At the beginning of the Chinese Culture Revolution, he was a red guard. He  was a crazy believer of the Mao’s thought. But after going through many things, he changed his idea. He discovered that he was wrong about a lot of things he had done before.

Things were always changing in China, however, one thing that has never changed is the Communist Party’s unwavering position in China. Chinese politics has always been controlled by the Communist Party, but it is this that has allowed China to make progress.

A Disastrous Revolution: Chinese Culture Revolution

This video was made by Maggie and me. It shows that the situation in the Culture Revolution which was between 1966-1976. Mao Zedong who was the chairman of China at that time was the initiator of this revolution. This revolution was quite similar with the Russian Revolution.  Their ultimate aim is to purge the party. Also, Mao’s another target was to fix the road that China should follow. From this unit I learned that revolution doesn’t means that the society will be better, sometimes the revolution will make the society to become weak. There were many coasts to revolution. For example, the Culture Revolution destroyed many Chinese culture relics. Revolution also sacrifices a lot of people. In Culture Revolution, many intellectuals were oppressed by the Red Guard. Revolutions are cruel and have been bought by many people with their lives, but they are not always good.

Unbroken- A book is worth your having

The is a video that introduced the book “Unbroken”.  In this video,  it discusses the theme, central idea, and the some interesting facts in the book. After watching this video, I believe that you will have a deeper understanding of this book.
Unbroken is a book by Laura Hillenbrand.  It tells us a story occurred during the World War 2. This is a very inspiring story, and the main character in this book is Louie Zamperini.   The war stopped his dream that won the Olympic gold medal in running.   When the war broke out, he became a bomber. But his plane crashed into the ocean by accident, and then he was found by the Japanese.  Japanese send hime to the POW camp, he was very luck, at last he survived. The theme of this book is always be resilient and when we face a challenge, we should never give up hopes. It was these two spirits that made him survived in the POW camp.
Two reason that I read this book. First, I am very interested in the World War 2 and the military. In this book, it talks about a lot of WW2 information, especially the plane in that time. I  would to love read it. There are many detail about the B-24 that I don’t know. I think is a good chance to expand my military knowledge. Second, there are many spirits in this book worth me to learn.  I know how to face difficulties. Also, I know an important thing that was is a huge disaster for human.  I was struck by many of the descriptions in the book, so I think it’s a valuable book.
I learned how to have a deep understanding of a book in this unit. We can re-read some paragraphs that we didn’t understand or have a lot of important information. This skill is very useful in non-fiction,  because there are some expertise in it. We also can analyze the descriptive passages, it shows the knowledge vivid.  Then, we will get a deeper impression of it. These are the two effective ways to help me analyze the book.

Did the Boxer deserve a bad rap?

According to the field trip, I think that Boxers deserve a bad rap. They killed a lot of Chinese who were Christians, but they killed many unchristian people by mistake. They also destroyed the railway and connection between Beijing and outside.  They believe that the roof of the church broke through the sky, causing a lot of natural disasters.  The Boxers did a lot of extreme thing, these Chinese just have different religious beliefs, but it is wrong to kill them. Also, they killed a lot of innocent Chinese, I think this is the worst thing they did. They destroyed the railway and connection between Beijing and outside. It was the lack of communication between China and outside that cause China to lag behind. If they succeed, China will turn inward again. From they blamed the church for the natural disaster, we can see that boxer were too superstitious, too feudal, and show that they have no knowledge. In conclusion, I think that they think in too extreme ā way, too superstitious.

HERMIA’s Character

Hermia is a character in William Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” She loves Lysander, and Lysander also loves her. But her father wants her to marry Demetrius. Hermia is a persistent, positive, and pretty person who can give everything for true love. For example, when she is told she will either die or become a nun, she says: “I’d rather wither away than give up my virginity to someone I don’t love”(line 79-82). From this we can see that she was a very persistent person because when she loves a person, she refused to give any love to another man. Also, Hermia was very conscious of true love. She wanted to marry the person who she loved deeply. She wanted to make decisions about her marriage, not her father. Hermia is also very positive, when faced with these challenges, she says to Lysander,”If true lovers are always thwarted then it must .be a rule of fate. So let’s try to be patient as we deal with our problems. It’s as normal a part of love as dreams, sighs, wishes, and tears”(line 150-155). Because her father was unhappy about her marriage, he wanted to put Hermia to death, but Hermia thought that it is the inevitable frustration of love, and then she tried to comfort Lysander. When Lysander and Hermia wanted to elope, Hermia promised Lysander,”I give you my word, I will meet you at that spot tomorrow” (line 177-178). We know that she is a person who can give everything for love. She gave up honor and wealth, she choose to elope with the one she loved. Helena was complaining about how beautiful Hermia was and how Demetrius loved Hermia instead of her, “None, but your beauty. Would that fault were mine!” (line 201) From these sentences, we can say that Hermia is a pretty girl. At first, Demetrius loved Helena. But when Demetrius met Hermia, Hermia’s beauty attracted him more. All this evidence shows that Hermia is a resolute and beautiful person who never gives up, she sacrifices everything to pursue her true love.

How Humanist am I ?

In my opinion, these are the key words of Renaissance. After the Renaissance, people began to attach importance of education.  Because of this, people cherished their lives and they knew they only have one life, which is short and fragile.  Renaissance was a rediscover of the ancient literature and used the knowledge that from ancient literature to improve quality of life.

“The Monkey’s Paw”: Greed controls people’s mind


September 30, 2020

A poor family had three wishes that could be truth, they wished they had 200 pounds. At last, they got it, but 200 pounds was due to the death for their son. In the story The Monkey’s Paw, by William W. Jacobs, the author believes that the darkest place in the hearts of many people is greed. Their son went to work, but he had an accident that he trapped in the machinery and he died. The visitor was a stuff in their son’s company, who told them this accident and offered compensation. When Mr. White learned that the visitor would give him 200 pounds, he became very happy, even though his son was trapped and died in the machinery.“‘How much?’ he said. ‘Two hundred pounds.’ The old man smiled faintly, put out his hands like a blind man, and fell to the floor, unconscious” (William 211-214). This lets us know Mr. White is  greedy, obsessed with money, and cold-blooded. Because when his son died, he was seduced by 200 pounds. He has no qualification to be a father. When a person becomes greedy, his heart will be very dark. He will be very guilty and do something unthinkable. When Mrs. White remembered that there was one wish that could be fulfilled, she wished her son was still alive. But Mr. White was afraid of what his son would look like when he came back because of how he died in the machine. “The old man looked at her and his voice shook. ‘He has been dead ten days, and also – I could only recognize him by his clothes. He was too horrible for you to see then. What do you think he looks like now?’ But his wife pulled him towards the door. ‘Bring him back. Do you think I’m frightened of my own son?’” (William 256-261). From this we see Mr. White who is greedy, he can’t face his son, because he feels guilty for accepting the 200 pounds. We also know how Mrs. White love her son, she really wanted to her son was alive, even though her son died for 10 days, but Mr. White was afraid of her son, this part I think is the darkest place in Mr. White heart.

From Mr. White we know that greed can change a person from good to bad.When we become greedy, just like taking drugs, we become addicted to them continuously, which finally leads to serious results.













Found Poem: Chinese customs VS Western Customs

The story, “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan, tells about a girl who has an argument with her mom over Christmas dinner and her relatives’ behavior that she considers impolite. She invited her classmate, Robert who is an American . For Christmas dinner she was supposed to have sweet potatoes and roast Turkey, but her mom cooked Chinese food instead. She didn’t think it was a good choice, and when her relatives came to her home and did what she thought was impolite, so she was completely disappointed with the dinner. Robert also looked very awkward at dinner. When we understood her so-called impolite behavior, I found that most of them were some traditional Chinese customs.

I think the conflict in this story is external conflict. The conflict is about her and her mother. The first part of my poem shows that Amy invited Robert, but her mom invited her relatives, and the conflict actually started. The second part is about her mom making a strange menu on Christmas Night, because all the dishes are Chinese food. The third part shows that Amy thinks anything they did is impolite. In the fourth and fifth parts, we can clearly see that her so-called impolite things are some Chinese traditional customs. The sixth part reflects Robert’s disappointment with the dinner , which is also the biggest reason why Amy had conflict with her mom.

I choose grilled fish for the background because it is an example of Chinese food. I design six parts of my poem, it can clearly show my point of view. Every parts have their own idea, so why did I choose this layout

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