The story, “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan, tells about a girl who has an argument with her mom over Christmas dinner and her relatives’ behavior that she considers impolite. She invited her classmate, Robert who is an American . For Christmas dinner she was supposed to have sweet potatoes and roast Turkey, but her mom cooked Chinese food instead. She didn’t think it was a good choice, and when her relatives came to her home and did what she thought was impolite, so she was completely disappointed with the dinner. Robert also looked very awkward at dinner. When we understood her so-called impolite behavior, I found that most of them were some traditional Chinese customs.

I think the conflict in this story is external conflict. The conflict is about her and her mother. The first part of my poem shows that Amy invited Robert, but her mom invited her relatives, and the conflict actually started. The second part is about her mom making a strange menu on Christmas Night, because all the dishes are Chinese food. The third part shows that Amy thinks anything they did is impolite. In the fourth and fifth parts, we can clearly see that her so-called impolite things are some Chinese traditional customs. The sixth part reflects Robert’s disappointment with the dinner , which is also the biggest reason why Amy had conflict with her mom.

I choose grilled fish for the background because it is an example of Chinese food. I design six parts of my poem, it can clearly show my point of view. Every parts have their own idea, so why did I choose this layout