September 30, 2020

A poor family had three wishes that could be truth, they wished they had 200 pounds. At last, they got it, but 200 pounds was due to the death for their son. In the story The Monkey’s Paw, by William W. Jacobs, the author believes that the darkest place in the hearts of many people is greed. Their son went to work, but he had an accident that he trapped in the machinery and he died. The visitor was a stuff in their son’s company, who told them this accident and offered compensation. When Mr. White learned that the visitor would give him 200 pounds, he became very happy, even though his son was trapped and died in the machinery.“‘How much?’ he said. ‘Two hundred pounds.’ The old man smiled faintly, put out his hands like a blind man, and fell to the floor, unconscious” (William 211-214). This lets us know Mr. White is  greedy, obsessed with money, and cold-blooded. Because when his son died, he was seduced by 200 pounds. He has no qualification to be a father. When a person becomes greedy, his heart will be very dark. He will be very guilty and do something unthinkable. When Mrs. White remembered that there was one wish that could be fulfilled, she wished her son was still alive. But Mr. White was afraid of what his son would look like when he came back because of how he died in the machine. “The old man looked at her and his voice shook. ‘He has been dead ten days, and also – I could only recognize him by his clothes. He was too horrible for you to see then. What do you think he looks like now?’ But his wife pulled him towards the door. ‘Bring him back. Do you think I’m frightened of my own son?’” (William 256-261). From this we see Mr. White who is greedy, he can’t face his son, because he feels guilty for accepting the 200 pounds. We also know how Mrs. White love her son, she really wanted to her son was alive, even though her son died for 10 days, but Mr. White was afraid of her son, this part I think is the darkest place in Mr. White heart.

From Mr. White we know that greed can change a person from good to bad.When we become greedy, just like taking drugs, we become addicted to them continuously, which finally leads to serious results.