Hermia is a character in William Shakespeare’s play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” She loves Lysander, and Lysander also loves her. But her father wants her to marry Demetrius. Hermia is a persistent, positive, and pretty person who can give everything for true love. For example, when she is told she will either die or become a nun, she says: “I’d rather wither away than give up my virginity to someone I don’t love”(line 79-82). From this we can see that she was a very persistent person because when she loves a person, she refused to give any love to another man. Also, Hermia was very conscious of true love. She wanted to marry the person who she loved deeply. She wanted to make decisions about her marriage, not her father. Hermia is also very positive, when faced with these challenges, she says to Lysander,”If true lovers are always thwarted then it must .be a rule of fate. So let’s try to be patient as we deal with our problems. It’s as normal a part of love as dreams, sighs, wishes, and tears”(line 150-155). Because her father was unhappy about her marriage, he wanted to put Hermia to death, but Hermia thought that it is the inevitable frustration of love, and then she tried to comfort Lysander. When Lysander and Hermia wanted to elope, Hermia promised Lysander,”I give you my word, I will meet you at that spot tomorrow” (line 177-178). We know that she is a person who can give everything for love. She gave up honor and wealth, she choose to elope with the one she loved. Helena was complaining about how beautiful Hermia was and how Demetrius loved Hermia instead of her, “None, but your beauty. Would that fault were mine!” (line 201) From these sentences, we can say that Hermia is a pretty girl. At first, Demetrius loved Helena. But when Demetrius met Hermia, Hermia’s beauty attracted him more. All this evidence shows that Hermia is a resolute and beautiful person who never gives up, she sacrifices everything to pursue her true love.