The is a video that introduced the book “Unbroken”.  In this video,  it discusses the theme, central idea, and the some interesting facts in the book. After watching this video, I believe that you will have a deeper understanding of this book.
Unbroken is a book by Laura Hillenbrand.  It tells us a story occurred during the World War 2. This is a very inspiring story, and the main character in this book is Louie Zamperini.   The war stopped his dream that won the Olympic gold medal in running.   When the war broke out, he became a bomber. But his plane crashed into the ocean by accident, and then he was found by the Japanese.  Japanese send hime to the POW camp, he was very luck, at last he survived. The theme of this book is always be resilient and when we face a challenge, we should never give up hopes. It was these two spirits that made him survived in the POW camp.
Two reason that I read this book. First, I am very interested in the World War 2 and the military. In this book, it talks about a lot of WW2 information, especially the plane in that time. I  would to love read it. There are many detail about the B-24 that I don’t know. I think is a good chance to expand my military knowledge. Second, there are many spirits in this book worth me to learn.  I know how to face difficulties. Also, I know an important thing that was is a huge disaster for human.  I was struck by many of the descriptions in the book, so I think it’s a valuable book.
I learned how to have a deep understanding of a book in this unit. We can re-read some paragraphs that we didn’t understand or have a lot of important information. This skill is very useful in non-fiction,  because there are some expertise in it. We also can analyze the descriptive passages, it shows the knowledge vivid.  Then, we will get a deeper impression of it. These are the two effective ways to help me analyze the book.