Pedro’s Journal


First, Pedro went to sea and he found a lot of seaweeds. months later, he found some land, the natives were nice at first and thought they were god but soon they started to get second thoughts and started being mean to them and even wanted to kill them, the sailers wanted to trade but the native were mean and attacked them. then they left the place and went away, on their trip home the pinta sailed away and left the niƱa.

Pedro was payed to go on the trip since he can write. he thought he was going to fall into space and die but he didn’t so he started to not believe it. people accused him of sinking the santa maria but he didn’t so he got really upset.


I have an connection with the book and the westward expansion. In the book, the natives liked the sailers at the beginning but some of them attacked later on. in the westward expansion, the explorers were also greeted by natives but sometimes attacked by them, too

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