Teens at war

there were many wars that have happened. Many people has answered the call of duty of their homeland. but adults weren’t the only people willing to give their lives to defend their country. teens have fought too, and many were underage. the usual age to fight in most wars are 16-17 years old, but many teens have outsmarted the army so they can fight for their country.

a boy called ben wanted to fight in the civil war so he can help reunite the country and defeat the rebels. he enlisted as a drummer but his drum broke but fought on and became a color-bearer. it is a honer to carry the colors of a regiment but the color bearer was usually the first to get shot. he proudly caryed the color till the end of the war and was one of the first jewish soldiers -if not the first- to be awarded the highest honer in the military- the medal of honer.

The connection i have is with another soldier in the book. the soldier was also underage and also fought in the army. he also became a soldier

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