Have you ever wondered how a company like Google was created? You’d be surprised.

I recently read the book Google It, by Anna Crowley Redding. Its theme is that success does not come from being normal or being rich, but from trying things noone has ever tried, and still have the determination to continue when others mock you. For instance, the booked discussed google’s nature as a untraditional company, meaning it does not follow normative “rules”. Google was also founded under interesting condition: It was a university project. Larry and Sergey stole computers to create Google’s server due to their small amounts of money.
I would recommend the book as it is a amazingly told story about Google and changing the world. It includes much information about the people involved with Google’s creation and also provided extremely entertaining side notes of anything from Google’s new inventions to tips on swearing in Klingon.

3 thoughts on “Have you ever wondered how a company like Google was created? You’d be surprised.

  1. The emphasis on intellectual ingenuity and originality conveys the message of this book wholly. This book would most certainly be an interesting read.

  2. As far as I can see, you have filled in all the required categories for this assignment, and I do not see any particular issues with this presentation. It was well structured and easy to understand, making it comprehensible for the reader with ease. However, a way that you could further expand on this post would be to perhaps include other tidbits of information that would help the readers along, such as recommending other books that are connected to this topic, or referencing other specific real world events. Just a suggestion that would make this even better. Wonderful book review.

  3. Personally, your video explains the book “Google It” in a very clear and straightforward way. It really intrigues readers to be interested in the book and tempts them to read it. I love how you supported the theme of the book with various pieces of evidence. Good job!.

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