The War of two Georges (Sometimes also known as the American Revolution)

The American Revolution in Plain English By Alex, George, Hanna

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” This phrase accurately described nearly every revolution. The American Revolution was a good example of this statement. It was also, fortunately, a revolution with fairly few deaths. The Revolution ensured North American prosperity and also began a huge wave of West Atlantic revolutions. In many of these revolutions, large amounts of people died. Unlike the American Revolution, the other kings did not let go so easily, and many bloody conflicts were fought as a consequence.

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  1. Your accompanying paragraph is very detailed. I especially enjoyed the quote “Those who make…inevitable.” I wonder who said it? On the other hand, your video is captivating with many relevant cutouts. You can make it even better by controlling your pace. I felt like you spoke a bit foo fast in some parts.

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