My First Sewn Electronic Project

In the past few classes, I have worked on a bookmark, which was based on a very simplistic (and honestly completely inaccurately) atom. This was because I had great difficulty finding a proper design and realized that the atom looks really good.

I was most proud of the core of the atom, which looked very good with a green covering over the LED. I also really liked the design which had both metal pieces on one side, allowing the bookmark to fit into any book.

Sewing electronics were somewhat difficult as I have never done it before. The cinch stitch was particularly difficult in some parts as the metallic parts blocked the needle and also made the connection very loose. Fortunately, shallow stitches allowed for the needle to complete the cinch stitch very excellently. I would recommend future students not to pull too hard on the strings as they will easily break.

One thing I learned was how to sew on an electronic device onto the felt. This was extremely difficult to master but also very fun to do.