The Journal of Peter Francisco, a Hero of the American Revolution

Peter Francisco, also known as the Giant of Virginia or the Hercules of the Revolution, was originally called Pedro Francisco. He is supposedly from a Portuguese Aristocratic Family who had many political enemies. He was kidnapped at a young age. Not much is known about the nature of this, but some think it was arranged by his parents to protect him from their enemies. Whatever the cause was, Pedro was brought to American, where he was taken in by Judge Anthony Winston.

The American Revolution was a result of many years of slowly building hate and mutual misunderstandings. In the beginning, the British put small taxes upon the American Colonies, which have never been taxed before, due to the huge debts the government had. After many attempts, the Colonies got fed up. They formed militias. Unfortunately, the British misunderstood the American’s defensive militias and sent troops to suppress the supposed “uprising”. After much confusion and further conflict, the revolution began. In the end, the Continental Army defeated the British regulars. A new government was established, still representing the image that the American Colonies hoped the revolution would create. The British crown no longer ruled. A new democratic republic was formed in its place. Contrary to the British parliament, which was mostly controlled by the Aristocrats, the American government was formed on the basis that all had some form of control, either by protests or by voting.

Identity Problems (And a Crush Over for Christmas Dinner)

This story is called Fish Cheeks, a story written by Amy Tam.

Amy Tam is a US citizen born to two Immigrants from China who lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. She wrote multiple stories like “My joy luck club.”


The story is about a girl named Amy, who is also the author, who has a crush on Robert, “the minister’s son”. Later, she found out that the minister’s family will be over for Christmas Eve dinner. Amy appears to criticize every single bit of the Chinese food her parents made, such as “A slimy rock cod with bulging eyes ” and “fleshy prawns”. She felt that Robert would feel “terrible disappointment…upon seeing not a roasted turkey and sweet potatoes but Chinese food”. However, this does not represent what she feels as she the foods are “all my [her] favorite foods”. She is afraid that other people would think that she is Chinese. For instance, When her father said ‘“Amy, your favorite,”’ and offered “me [her] the tender fish cheek”, Amy “wanted to disappear”.

The real conflict is that Amy has a cultural conflict where she is not sure whether she is American or Chinese. Her mother said “You want to be the same as American girls on the outside,…But inside you must always be Chinese…”.

My poem shows this by showing how Amy was unhappy that Robert would see her family. My poem also shows how Amy realizes what her mother meant when her mother told her that Amy should be proud of her lineage. It shows how Amy’s mother told her to be proud.


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